What is Pranayama Therapy Course About?

Many yoga practitioners tend to give more attention to the physical body exercises - aka the asanas - and ignore other important aspects of the yoga practice such as pranayama and meditation? However, breath is considered as a bridge between Physical and Psychic body, so in practice of Yoga it helps to operate efficiently with body and move attention to a subtle level work too. This special Pranayama Therapy Course was designed by our experienced certified yoga teacher Ksenia Ji and aimed to take your practice on a different level by gradual study of breath nature and its power as well as how to develop and use it for your yogic practices daily and in a therapeutic way.

What is the Meaning of Pranayama ?

The word Pranayama is consisted of two words. ‘Prana’ refers to the vital energy or breath that is responsible for life and ‘ayama’ means extension. Thus, Pranayama, in simple terms, is the practice of breath regulation which cause regulation of vital energy “prana” which on a physical level brings lightness to the body and remove diseases, while on psychic level it brings mental clarity, calms the mind and induces a meditative state. That is why in ancient scripts pranayama considered as a first step of stairs towards meditation?

Who is Pranayama Therapy Course for?

Students of any level Asana practice can find this course if very beneficial if only they want to improve in physical aspect of yoga or even step further towards advanced yoga practices.

What Will I Learn in the Pranayama Course?

With this course we will introduce your practical knowledge of Pranayama, that will help you not only in yogic practice but also in your daily life. We will teach you different breathing techniques with explanation of its benefits and contradictions. We will lead you through the course from Pranayama philosophy and theory understanding, towards breath anatomy studying and detailed practice of pranayama techniques.

Why is Pranayama Course Special?

Our school works with small groups only in order to be able to pay attention and suit the training to each one of them. Furthermore, we adjust both the practical and theoretical pranayama classes according to the student’s level in the group so they get more benefits from the course.

How can I Improve My Practice After the Pranayama Course ?

When the practitioners finish the pranayama training the will be have the required tools to continue with the daily pranayama practice. Additional guidance will be provided by the school if needed.

Pranayama Course Curriculum

  • What is Pranayama.
  • Knowledge of Nadi (energy channels) and Chakra System.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of breath – studying of Respiratory System.
  • Breath improvement – techniques that will bring practitioner from poor to efficient breath.
  • Breath capacity improvement.
  • Studying of traditional Pranayama Techniques with explanation of benefits and contradictions of each.
  • Therapeutic effect of different Pranayama Techniques.

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