tools of mind



Two kind of actions must be done to bring the mind into right direction. 


First is - right practice which should be regular 

Second is - reclusion 


"Only practice cannot make the mind to come in right path. Our old habits have winded The surface of our mind due to which our mind keeps on getting distracted rapidly from the right direction". 

These old habits have taken their roots to the depths of our mind. Because of which whenever we do some work, the mind easily goes away from it. we don't even realise  that now our mind is busy in another work, and it's too late when we realize that. We have created such confusion for the mind that it is impossible for the mind to come out of it. Because of which even if we wanted, we have been unable to give our minds a proper direction by crossing these entanglements. 

We must first understand that mind is an invisible organ in our body. and this organ is the most powerful in whole body. With the help of which we can turn a lot of impossibilities into possibilities that are difficult to understand as a visual. 

And maybe you see that near you time to time. There are many instances by which you can see that the most powerful part of our body is the invisible mind. With the help of which the cripple person is also able to do all those adventures which seem impossible to look. 

So all the teachings of yoga exercises are to give right direction to the mind. If any visible organ of the body is disabled, it is likely that life can be lived without suffering. But if that organ of the body which is not visible(the mind) , whole life languishes in an ocean of sorrows. 



The height of a tree depends on the depth of its roots on the earth. If the roots of the tree are too deep, it will not only give the tree a height, but will continue to nourish it for a long time. Similarly, if we are to attain the height of our lives. We have to come to the depths of our minds where we can give life an incredible amount of energy.


But for that we have to prepare the mind. Just as a sculptor constantly attacks the idol with his chisel and hammer to give it a beautiful form, so shall we also have to chisel on the mind and strike the hammer. 

Unless we change the old habits of mind, the mind will not be ready on right track. 
To manipulate the mind there are two main practices yoga talks about as I mentioned above (abhyasa and vairagya)

It is not that in today's time people are not making efforts to control or train the mind . There are a lot of training you can do this through.

But here I want to bring your attention in very important topics: 


In today’s time we value practise more. We tend to think that,  if we will put a practice in our routine we can bring our mind direction towards the right path. But actually it is not. 

Right direction cannot be provided to the mind only through practice. because if we do it regularly. It simply means that we are creating a new habit for the mind.

“But habits of practice will only  bring attachments attachments bring sorrow. and it is so frightening”

Now the question comes what to do? is there anything else that we should add on?

Then I would say yes- Along with practice to mind need reclusion/detachment too. 

To give one direction to the mind it necessary to produce a sense of renunciation in the mind towards all other directions. 

“A sense of hatred for all the smaller goals must be inculcated in order to get something big” Yoga has also been interpreted . The philosophy of Yoga also delves deep into this.  Yoga doesn’t say only to practise and make a self tired. 

Instead it believes that if we only put more emphasise on practice then we cultivate an Anuraag(attachment) towards it. And if that happens we will not be able to reach our main goal through any practice we do. 

It believes that sacrifice should also be a constant feeling for the practice you do. Else the practice will start dominate you. 

One should also have a feeling of aversion. 

This will help you expand satwic (positive) Energy into the practice and mind will also not be corrected. Practice should not be done only for achieving the goal but for transmitting energy into Many other dimensions. Practice is necessary to achieve a goal but it is also necessary to avoid impediment to attain that goal. In order to remove obstacles one must first develop a sense of detachment and suffering from all those hurdles which stop us. whenever our mind is deflected by all obstacles it will automatically come in right direction and then practice can speed up the mind towards the goal. 


When a feeling of aversion to an action arises,  the attachment for that action is gone due to which the action is filled with satwik energy. 



Constant practice makes the mind to move in the same direction. But that does not mean that the mind will not wander from its goal. As long as the mindsubject continues to attract the  the mind. Mind  will continue to wander from its direction. But when we develop the feeling of detachment,  the mind is not attracted towards any other subject after that. 

The presence of vairagya ( detachment) eliminates all desires, and the mind does not inspire the senses to satisfy those desires. Due to which the mind remains present in the same direction as the one, in which it may be imposed by practice. 


It leads to the conclusion that practice is necessary to give direction to mind and vairagya does not let mind deviate from the right directions. 


In bhagavadgita both of these are informed by swords  Lord shri Krishna says, mind requires two swords to prepare.

one is a sword of practice and a sword of vairagya. Even the absence of one of these causes the mind to stray from the right direction again. 


Speed of mind is so intense that it is impossible to stop. so we need both hands  to control the mind 

1- practice 

2- detachment. 

The practice of yoga must also have a sense of renunciation towards him while doing any exercise.