What is a Drop In Yoga Class ?

The Drop in yoga classes in Rishikesh are provided by Yoga Vidya School for the whole week with different yoga practices where a student can choose the ideal practice of their choice among those: pranayama, traditional hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa, vinyasa flow, beginner yoga, meditation, etc.

Can I do Yoga Classes ?

We believe that anyone, with enough well, discipline and training could control the yoga physical and philosophical aspects. There is a wide range spectrum of drop in classes where some are for beginners and others are for advanced. Yoga drop in classes are perfect option for those seekers and practitioners who don’t have enough time to be in Rishikesh but still want to know about their body through yogic practice, and those who wants to prepare oneself for the Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course or keep in shape after the course has finished.

When Can I Participate ?

The drop in classes are different from the yoga retreats and the certified yoga teacher training courses since the students have no obligation to follow a strict program and they can choose when to participate and which course to choose. All they have to do is to choose a class from the our schedule and arrive on time.

Who will Teach me ?

The classes are held by well experienced yoga teachers who are qualified and possess years of experience in yoga teaching and love to share their knowledge of yoga in these practice classes.

Is Training as a Group Efficient ?

Our regular teachers Prashant ji and Ksenia ji are very well qualified and experienced to know about different body types, so they give variations and modifications with props if needed in each yoga asana according to the individual student. In this manner students feel comfortable and safe and practice becomes a journey towards knowing yourself and at the same time has a therapeutic effect. Our teachers observe each student in the class and provide the best for him or her.

Do I Learn About the Yoga Asanas Principles as well ?

In each class, Prashant ji and Ksenia ji will explain about the poses and pranayama techniques and their benefits along with contraindication so that the practitioner can know about the purpose of the particular practice, which gives more understanding and prevents practitioner from injuries. Further, we can say that each of our classes are the kind of workshops in which seekers are not only practicing, but also knowing the purpose of doing these practices.


It says, “If your breath is correct, you will not be affected by any disease”. As we know that there are many kinds of breathing practices in yoga, which some people even don’t know about. But in yoga in Rishikesh, pranayama drop-in classes, we provide the traditional pranayama practices with preparatory technique, where our teachers also help their students correct their breath so they can use their lungs in the breathing exercises which can help the student cure many diseases by breathing only in the pranayama. We also practice mudras”(gesture), Bandha(lock)

Hatha Yoga

Our hatha classes in drop-in are primarily alignment classes where the students practice asana according to their body. As we know each of us has been provided with different body structure by the god, it is our responsibility to take care of it according to its requirement. Here, in our hatha classes we provide the asana according to the individual body structure so the practitioner can get the best from the asana and can understand about their body in asana.

Beginner Yoga

Yoga in Rishikesh also provides yoga for beginners. A basic yoga class includes asana, pranayama, relaxation which is well designed by our experienced teachers. Those who are yoga amateurs and want to begin their yogic practice can take a few classes with us to know about your future yoga journey. In the class, yoga for beginners, our yoga masters provide the basic instructions and technique to bring beginner yogis comfort in their practice so they feel more energetic and motivated in their journey towards further yoga. Every day during the classes, yogis practice stretching asana , strengthening asana, relaxing asana which can prepare beginner yogis for further intense practices.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow class is based on combination of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga vinyasa. Many students are sometimes not interested to practice the same series in ashtanga vinyasa, but not to worry. We provide small ashtanga vinyasa version in the name of ashtanga vinyasa with many interesting sequences, which will keep you alert in the practice. Yet this practicing with flow, teacher will give sequence according to the level and need of practitioners. Sequences are prepared by our teachers and every day, our teacher provides some interesting change in the sequence which connects to needs of the practitioner and also helps grow their knowledge and their creativity by this practice.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ashtanga vinyasa is the fixed design series by Krishnamacharya followed by K P Joise. This series is interesting and challenging to practice with may asana. But, at yoga in Rishikesh, our teachers provide this series with preparation daily. In our Ashtanga drop-in classes, we practice full primary Ashtanga series in two days depending upon the teacher’s preference. For rest of the days, we prepare for this series.

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