Yoga Therapy For Weight Loss

Who says practising yoga won't help you lose weight? Whether you want to maintain your current weight or lose a few kgs, this program will take you through different types of practices to build core power, strength, a positive aura and a lot more energy to kick start your journey to a happier and healthier you!

As a part of your regular regime, yoga with meditation helps you achieve your desired body because it burns calories. Another benefit along with losing weight is the potential to increase mindfulness, Which can reduce day to day stress and help you in focusing on your health.

Moving your body is very important on so many different levels. Especially at this time of social distancing, keeping your health intact should be the topmost priority, along with stress mitigation and a healthy diet. And it's completely possible to get a stellar workout without investing in all the expensive equipment.



Yoga is a movement that can help you create a stronger connection between your body and mind. While there are various types of yoga, some focus more on endurance and strength, and other on mindfulness and meditation.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: It is also called power yoga as this yoga flows from posture to posture, linking your breath to the movement of your body. This type of asana is more of an aerobic yoga that is likely to burn more calories and help you lose weight directly.

Yoga Nidra: This exercise is very much similar to restorative yoga as it focuses on relaxing your mind and body. Moreover, it also incorporates the use of props like blankets and bolsters to deepen the stretch and increase comfort. This practice is proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress and improve sleep. 

Does Yoga Help in Losing Weight?

Now the main question arrives, Does yoga help in losing weight? The practice of yoga will help you in enhancing mobility, increase flexibility, tone and strength muscles. But the types of yoga practiced also play a different role in weight loss. Some of the most physically demanding postures of yoga are Bikram or Vinyasa, which incorporates styles that are more weight-bearing and aerobic. These styles firstly help in burning more calories and then building muscles. Even just a few weeks of constancy can lead to weight loss and health benefits. It will also help in reducing stress, which can lead you to shift to a healthier diet and making nutrition choices. When you feel more in touch with your body, you will explore your real hunger cues and that will make you opt for good nutrition choices.                                           

With a few lessons from our experienced instructors, one can learn to perform perfect postures, breathing exercises and learn a little more about the philosophy and history of yoga. Our diverse classes will take every individual on a proper body alignment experience that will actually change your mental and physical health. Not only you'll experience body and mind changes, but also you will start to see changes in your sleeping pattern. You'll find it easier to get to sleep and the quality of the sleep will also improve.

Now let's talk about how yoga and mindfulness go hand in hand. Weight loss really comes down to three factors, your metabolism, calories in and calories out. There are steps to boost up your metabolism which work for some people but for most people, losing weight is about decreasing the calories you take in and increasing the calories that you burn through exercises. And a big benefit of yoga is that it'll make you think about the real needs of your body. Yoga isn't just a physical exercise, it also covers all lifestyle choices including mental attitude and healthy diet. Developing mindfulness and self-love really helps you wait and question why you are even filling your body with junk food. You'll start to believe in choosing healthy food options and your mind will only allow you to eat when you are hungry.

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