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Did you know that our yoga school is the coolest and thereforE the best school in Rishikesh, India? Let us explain why!

Except learning subjects such as hatha yoga and additional alignment, ashtanga vinyasa, pranayama and meditation our school shares much more knowledge with our students as we do believe that yoga is not limited just by doing asanas on our beautiful yoga mats. So yoga means to us - a complete lifestyle on and Off the mat! A lifestyle full of knowledge, practice and amazing time spent with soulmates.

We welcome you to become a part of our activities where you can practice the path of yoga, new friends and some more yogis you’ll definitely meet on our events!

Our big yoga family is doing lots of amazing things such as cleaning the Ganga, going to picnics, trekking to see the sunrise in the mountains, watching yogic movies, kirtans, satsangs and meditate together and many more.

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Cleaning MA Ganga...

it’s a pure practice of karma yoga. This activity was created by our Yoga school since 2017 and every Sunday we meet friends and yogis in front of our yoga studio in Laxman Jhula at 8:00 a.m. (on the opposite of the German bakery) to clean up the Ganga which is suffering from garbage.

For 1-2 hours we are cleaning the spot by carefully collecting all the garbage, chanting mantras, singing, meditating and enjoining the energy of each other. We take care that the huge bags of collected garbage will be delivered to a special place, where we know it won’t be thrown back.

It’s picnic time!

It’s not a secret we all love nature! But what a joy to come and enjoy the nature by preparing some delicious vegetarian food, watching a wild forest and listening sounds of a river? And all of that in our yoga family’s company? We think to have such a beautiful experience is a magic!

So what do we do? We organize transfer from our school to a beautiful spot somewhere next to a river or mountains or better all together If you also enjoy being at the nature with cool yogis and good company join us for our next event and feel the love of the Mother Earth and yogic people around.

Yoga Classes in Rishikesh
yoga courses


Life without prayer, Japa, Kirtan, meditation and study of holy scriptures is like a garden without flowers.


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