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What Is The Difference Between RYT And E-RYT?

Yoga is a vast and profound field and requires years of training and a clear understanding of the skill, especially if you intend to teach yoga at a professional level. A yoga teacher training programme is a structured way of fully comprehending this ancient science. Furthermore, getting certified as a yoga teacher gives you a trustworthy accreditation for getting hired by yoga institutes and yoga schools across the world. Also, you will be able to attract more students and enhance your value as a certified and registered yoga teacher or RYT.

However, people who plan to become an RYT should also have some understanding of what is an E-RYT, the differences between an RYT and E-RYT as well as their complementary relationship in yoga practice.

For those unversed, E-RYT stands for an experienced registered yoga teacher. There are subtle levels of differences between an RYT and E-RYT which we are going to discuss in this article. Let's delve further into this topic.

What is RYT?

ryt yoga alliance


RYT stands for registered yoga teachers who need to register themselves as a certified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, USA. Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organisation that consists of a proliferating yoga community made up of thousands of registered yoga schools (RYS) as well as registered yoga teachers. This umbrella body serves as a self-regulatory body that oversees yoga activities worldwide while ensuring universal access to high-quality, equitable and safe yoga practices.Also, Yoga Alliance registered  members have access to tools, timely resources and exclusive benefits for the development and professional growth. 

Founded in 1999, Yoga Alliance defines the standards, regulations and other norms that apply to the yoga teacher training programmes that are run worldwide. Anyone who becomes an RYT with Yoga Alliance prompt gains the credibility of an expert yogi who can now preach yoga to aspiring students in yoga.

How to get an RYT credential?

Similar to being a registered yoga teacher or an RYT, yoga schools also need affiliations with the Yoga Alliance, USA to be recognised as a Registered Yoga School or an RYS. It's only when such schools abide by the regulations and satisfy requirements laid out by the Yoga Alliance that they are entitled to an RYS status. Also, the yoga teacher training curriculum for each level of training needs to be submitted by yoga schools and approved by Yoga Alliance. Yoga schools can make some adjustments but largely stick to the key aspects and broad curriculum as defined by Yoga Alliance for each level of training.

Furthermore, Yoga schools need to pay a certain amount each year as fees to Yoga Alliance to be functional as a registered yoga school or an RYS.  

The yoga teacher training programs imparted at such RYS are then considered viable and the ensuing certifications in yoga teacher training gained from such schools through Yoga Alliance are considered gold standards in attracting students as well as getting hired by yoga organisations across the world.

Different Types of RYT

Registered yoga teacher training comes in different levels of training with each level corresponding to a some degree of expertise in yoga training and yoga teaching.  Depending on the kind of yoga teacher training program that a yoga student has completed,Yoga Alliance gives these certifications.

RYT 200

RYT 200

The title of an RYT 200 is awarded to people who have successfully undergone and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course from a yoga institute listed with the Yoga Alliance, USA.

The 200 hour yoga teacher training course is a foundational course and is looked upon as a stepping stone into the world of teaching yoga. Although known as a fundamental course, the RYT 200 course covers all the essential aspects of yoga. This course includes Hatha yoga asanas and other traditional styles of yoga, breathing practices, meditation,study of yoga philosophy, yoga terms, history,  physiology and anatomy as well as  safe yet effective yoga teaching techniques.

The RYT 200 is considered as a stepping stone towards being a certified yoga teacher. Most of the well-known yoga schools across the world place an RYT 200 certification as a minimum benchmark to get hired as a yoga teacher. Hence in such a scenario, an RYT 200 becomes an important credential for any aspiring yoga teacher.

RYT 300

ryt 300

Now that you have completed RYT 200, but are looking to gain deeper knowledge and improve your yoga knowledge and teaching skills, gaining an RYT 300 would be the next ideal step.

This course level helps deepen your understanding of each yoga asana and also perform some advanced yoga asanas. Also, a deeper study of yoga philosophy and body anatomy and physiology is undertaken. Furthermore you will engage in longer and deeper meditative practices as well as learn to incorporate challenging yoga kriya practices into your daily life.

So, after successfully completing a 300 hour yoga teacher training program from a Yoga Alliance affiliated yoga school, you can apply for RYT 300. Although training requirements differ from school to school, largely students are expected to complete a 200 hour yoga teacher training course before they enrol into a 300-hour YTT course.

RYT 500

ryt 500

An RYT 500 title  is awarded after successfully completing a 500 hour yoga teacher training course from an accredited yoga institution. The curriculum for an RYT 500 program deals with advanced topics in areas of yoga philosophy, anatomy, deeper knowledge of asanas with variations and modifications, other specialised areas of yoga and a greater emphasis and dedicated hours devoted to yoga teaching methodology and practicum.

It should be noted that a student can gain an RYT 500 title by employing different training paths. For instance, the 500 hour RYT certification can be gained as a natural step-up from a single yoga school or can be gained after completing the 200-hour certification from one school and an additional 300-hour programme either from the same yoga school or a different yoga institute that is recognised as RYS 300.

Also, it is mandatory to have at least 100 hours of yoga teaching experience after completion of the above courses to be eligible to get the RYT 500 status.

What Is E-RYT? How Is It Different From RYT?


As explained in the introductory paras, the E-RYT stands for an experienced RYT. In other words, to gain the status of an E-RYT, a yoga practitioner must have certain years of yoga teaching experience under their belt after completion of different levels of yoga teacher training programmes.

Those yoga practitioners who have completed the foundational 200-hour program in yoga teacher training and have 1000 hours or 2 years of teaching experience can get an E-RYT credential.

Similarly, yogis having 2000 hours of  teaching hours and 4 years of yoga teaching experience after completing the 500-hour yoga teacher training course can apply for an E-RYT credential.

Hence, RYT and E-RYT although similar have subtle differences mainly related to the teaching hours in yoga.


Are yoga teacher training programs worth the investment?

Although, gaining certifications and becoming an RYT and E-RYT is not mandatory to teaching yoga, but it definitely has certain advantages like increasing your credibility as a yoga teacher, gaining access to tools, techniques and resources after being certified from Yoga Alliance as well as sorting out issues of gaining insurance or loans as a yoga teacher.

What is the key-point in the difference between an RYT and E-RYT?

The E-RYT status displays a higher echelon of expertise and experience that shows that as a yoga teacher you have honed your yoga teaching skills by gaining extensive practical knowledge.

What are the different Registered Yoga Teacher Levels (RYT)

The RYT designation denotes Registered Yoga Teacher and is a globally recognised credential for aspiring yoga teachers. Available in three levels of RYT 200, RYT 300 and RYT 500, these levels represent the number of training hours that the yoga teacher has completed.

Which Teacher Training School Is The Best?

The Yoga Alliance is a global governing body that has acknowledged and enlisted numerous yoga schools as each one of them upholds a specific standard in imparting standardised and upgraded knowledge in yoga.

One such Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYT) is Yoga Vidya School in Rishikesh, India. Yoga Vidya School draws students from across the world who learn and practise different styles of yoga in the peaceful and picturesque surroundings of the holy town of Rishikesh. Helmed by Acharya Prashant Jakhmola, an alumnus of Bihar School of Yoga, Yoga Vidya School teaches classic styles of yoga in a structured and easy to follow curriculum. Besides, the yoga teacher training programs offered by Yoga Vidya School are carefully planned so that the training demands of all kinds of students with different levels of expertise such as an RYT and E-RYT can be accommodated.

Closing Thoughts

RYT and E-RYT are sometimes used interchangeably. Although these abbreviations might look almost similar in context, there are subtle yet definitive differences between an RYT and E-RYT  credentials pertaining to the yoga teacher training domain.

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