Pranic Purification

Pranic Purification

Pranic purification is the process to beautify the Pranic body so the body can receive enough amount of prana to be productive for success. Pranic body is the subtler body then physical.

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Pranic Purification

I believe you are learning and experiencing the Pranic practice through my video posts in the YouTube and other social media as well. I am very happy that you have taken the first step towards the Pranic journey by attending my free “BREATH DETOX” online yoga course. 

Oh 😯 -, maybe some of you didn’t join yet and you are new to this page or Yoga Vidya School platform. If you are new then maybe you don’t know me well and about my teachings or online yoga training. So before you go ahead with the reading, I request and suggest you to have a short tour to my previous courses and content. It will help you to understand what I do. And definitely help you to build a small Pranayama routine in the morning. And you will be confident enough to take another step towards the self growth

When you practice Pranayama you get so many benefits. You become calmer, more attentive,  joyful and lighter. And trust me, It is not limited to only these benefits from Pranayama practice, but you will get much more than this.

There are many more discoveries ahead If you continue on this path

I have been teaching Pranayama for a decade now. And over these years I have received appreciative feedback from many students around the world. It inspired me more when I hear their stories, how they transform their life not only physically but mentally emotionally and energetically.

 What transformation I am talking about

               ⁃             People find a way to get out of difficult situations

               ⁃             Holistic Health- physical, mental and spiritual

               ⁃             Find the path and purpose

               ⁃             People get rid of addictions, panic attacks, confusion, stress and depression

               ⁃             Achieve great success in work and become much more productive

               ⁃             Improve their meditation and help them to dive deeper inside

               ⁃             For many,  pranayama practice has become a great boost for their mornings

Pranayama has strong potential to change someone’s life for better. This is proved with my own experience, the transformation of many people whom I know the stories of hundreds of my students

Therefore I know it for sure that pranayama can change your life too, if you give it such an opportunity.

 For now I invite you to my exclusive course -21 days of pranayama practice called “PRANIC PURIFICATION

 The name itself tells the meaning- purification of pranic body (PranamayaKosha)

The main goal of this pranayama practice course is to understand your energy body and to help you to purify it in order to channelise your prana into right direction.

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What’s Included and Not Included

What Does This Yoga Course Package Include?

  • 28 nights shared room accommodation with attached bathroom.
  • 24x7 Filtered drinking water and hot water.
  • Well-designed Course Material.
  • Beautiful Bag and School T-shirt.
  • Shat Kriyas or Yogic Cleansing Kit.
  • Three nutritious organic meals per day, plus Indian Masala Chai for morning and evening.
  • Cultural Trips and Excursions that include sunrise trek in Himalayas and visit to spiritual caves, ashrams, waterfalls and nearby villages.
  • WiFi and Beautiful sitting area to study and spend quality Me-time
  • On-call Doctor and Emergency Services.

What Is Not Included In This Yoga Package?

  • Additional Charges for Private Room - $200 USD.
  • Additional Charges for Air-Conditioning Room - $150 USD.
  • Additional Charges for Pick and Drop and for any taxi services.
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Our Yoga Masters

Acharya Prashant Jakhmola

Pranayama, Shatkriya, Bandha

I, Prashant Jakhmola, welcome you to the Ashtanga Sadhna (the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa ) with me. I am glad to see that you are here and I believe that if you are reading this, it means you are ready to give your ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice a new direction. The journey of 8 years in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in India, I have seen lot of students changing their life through this practice. This practice, if you understand fully, can bring incredible changes in your life. It can become the best support of your life in any circumstances.

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Reviews and Feedback


"The liberty, the inside oneness and openess that I felt after Prashant's classes always fullfilled me. I could feel the energy rising as well as the expansion of my limits. It is with a deep work of precision, humor, gentleness and perseverance that he gives his class. Prashant allowed me to go deeper on my and others and open new pathways. He's on of those who inspire and stays next to you for time ahead. Thank Prashant to have align me in so many ways and brought me further on. See you soon"



"I believe Yoga Vidya School’s 200 hour yoga teacher training can change anybody's view on Yoga and its practice. The course teach you about real yogic lifestyle with its true meaning. The yoga teachers of this school have rich knowledge of all the aspects and principles of Yoga and goes deep into it to make it accessible to all level of students. Mantra and philosophy classes can give you a whole new energy. Another important factor that make this school the best, is its location away from the crowd of hotels and yoga schools of Rishikesh. The place is blessed with nature, making you feel like a real yoga retreat in jungle."



One should choose the Yogic Practice on the basis of Major Kosha (the body) in which one’s consciousness rest.

There are 5 Koshas- the five dimensions of existence (annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vijnanmaya, anandmaya)

One of them is - PRANAMAYA KOSHA (The Energy Body)

These all five stages are the evolutionary stages of consciousness during its spiritual growth. Pranamayakosha is energy body. We need energy to eat, to run, to do any physical or mental activity; to think, to create, to manifest and even to sleep.

We get the Energy from food, air, water and many other sources. But this energy mostly utilised for physical body to act.

There is an additional energy we receive from the universe,  which is not in any object form. This energy received directly from the universe and it is called as PRANA.

This Prana helps us to connect to all other dimensions of our existence as I mentioned earlier, and help us to fulfil our desires: material, social and spiritual.

But due to impurities of our pranic body, we are unable to receive the full amount of the Prana, which creates obstacles in achieving our objectives.

We do many things to achieve the goal. Some people continue to work on the physical and mental level but do not get the desired fruit. The only reason for this is that there is no proper transmission of energy in the kosha which is why the body and mind cannot be re-counseled.

This can be illustrated by an example.

Suppose you have a Fan which keeps the air in your house moving constantly, making your room more ventilated. But one day you found that fan is not working due to some reason.  So first you check the fan and found there is no problem in it. Fan is completely fine and after checking everything, you understood that the fan is not getting the right flow of current or energy, right transmission due to which it is unable to operate or run at full speed. You then called an electrician who corrected the flaw in the wires and now the electric current or energy is flowing properly to the Fan which makes it run properly.

Similarly our body and mind are like a fan that can only work when it has a right transmission of energy.

Physical and Mental activities are possible only if there is a proper communication of light force (PRANA) between them. You will find great success in professional and spiritual life by proper transmission of life force and by harmony of mental and physical activities.

I believe now you understood clearly what is Prana and how it works.

Pranayama is an effective way to work directly with a course to turn your life in the right direction. This course can be a good habit that you are adding in your life.

This course has already been attended by several hundred people, has shown very good results. I think you have felt from your own experience when you do Pranayama even for 10 minute a day.


Pranic purification is the process to purify the Pranic body so the body can receive enough amount of prana to be productive for success. Pranic body is the subtler body then physical. This is the bridge between your conscious and subconscious existence. Whatever we experience in life whether it is pleasant or unpleasant is because of our subconscious and conscious connection:

But if we want desirable experience, we need to synchronise our subconscious and conscious existence together with right flow of energy.  That is only possible when the Pranic body is purified and harnessed and this course is about that- to beautify and purify the Prana Maya kosha . Once you purify the Pranic body you get physical and mental benefits both.

Five important transformations through regular practice of Pranayama are:

1- Deeply relax: Relieve stress from body and mind

20 min of Pranayam practice is a great reboot after a stressful job and from endless tasks. This practice removes tension from the body and gives you energy to restart your projects. Regular practice of Pranayama will provide you good health, beauty, attractiveness, harmony and psychological stability.

Pranayama is the best and quick prevention technique against stress and depression, it keeps you calm and balanced in all situations.

2- Improves the meditation practice

Meditation is the best way to work with all layers of our mind. But at the same time it is also difficult for many people to meditate. What to do, how to make it easier how to become a good meditator. You cannot do this by forcing yourself; you should choose the right way and the effective way to achieve it. Pranayama practice is the greatest way to help you meditate. It is not only helping you to become a good Meditator but also helps you to make your meditation even better.

3- Stabilise deep contact with yourself and others

You want to become good friend to yourself, get closer to your partner, children, parents or friends? Discuss the problem with your boss or colleagues? You need to practice pranayama first.

Pranayam develops emotional intelligence and stability. The ability to emphasize, understand what is being said to you and correctly express your thoughts and feelings to others.

You will not only able to express very well but also gain confidence and ease in communicating with people,  and thus the relationships with others will become better, more sincere and close. It is not a miracle which will happen to you. It is the right channelisation of your energy, the prana.

Your personal life will improve. Couples who practice Pranayam together say it helps them to connect their energy on deeper level of physical and spiritual intimacy.

4- Focus the mind on the goal to be successful in your work and study.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Do you think you procrastinate every single minute? Do you feel that you start some work but cannot finish? Then use Pranayama practice a secret weapon to achieve success at work and in school.

Pranayam takes control of your energy and divert it into right direction to manifest your goal. It helps your mind to be collected and come you will be here and now you see your goal and move towards it with the right energy flow in a proper plan.

Daily pranayama practice is a secret of successful people.

5- Awaken creativity 

     - pranayama has power to freeze up space for new accomplishments. You will be able to be creative in any task. find fresh solution in any situation


What prevents us from using the full potential of doing Pranayam


- Regular Pranayam practice has not yet become your strong habit

I have created several courses on Pranayam And I have been doing live group classes also. I have seen the same answers from everyone that Pranayam takes time I don’t have time I am busy I don’t have energy.

This is a common problem for all beginners.

 And I believe it is not easy to make the Pranayam practice a habit on your own there is not enough discipline like other strong and experienced practitioners.

 To form a stable habit you need to practise 21 days therefore the course pranic purification consist 21 days of practice, and it is design for 1 to 2 month of strong development.

One of the purpose of this course is to help you to make Pranayam as a habit and to support you because it is much easier to practise regularly once you have a routine. And because these practises are well proved so you will definitely get benefit from it and once you see the benefit with your regular effort you will be motivated to continue.

 For many years I have been doing Pranayam every day. It has become an integral part of my life

And I am here to inspire you to practise this beautiful technique and support you along the way. Make this practice as a routine and develop your meditation.


- To many information and lack of quality Pranayam training courses

 As you know very well the internet is full of conflicting and sometimes completely useless and wrong information about Pranayam- I have been sharing this A lot on my platforms

breathe forcefully,  breath slowly focus on the breath, There are hundreds of instructions these instructions are given by those people who maybe learn the Pranayam from the books or from Internet or maybe from some few courses. It is like someone who has never drive in the car on his own experience date but teaching to others. It will not work like this.

We can share with others only what we ourselves have achieved a certain degree of mastery on particular subject

 I am offering you my experience my practice and the path that I have already passed a masters myself.

I didn’t stop I continue to walk into the same path which I am teaching you maybe one step further than you. And once you will get experience in this path you will be able to walk side-by-side together.

 In addition to teaching Pranayam my mission is to create a strong community of minded people for joint development and mutual support. I want you to join the community of spiritual people make new friends and grow your practice.

What i will learn?

you will learn

 ⁃    Practice and process to puriify Pranic body

 ⁃   Synchronisation of conscious and subconscious existence

 ⁃   Physical and mental connection

 ⁃   Daily 30 minute practice to purify the energy body

 ⁃   Pranic Practice to heal from mental and physical sickness

 ⁃   Food diet to improve Prana

 ⁃   Basic plan to develop your practice

 - knowing the influence of sun and moon in our pranic system 

 - Energy channels and their functions


   How I can use this course in my daily life-

What a person needs in life- balance of good health, wealth and spiritual growth. When you allow Pranic purification practice in your daily routine you get all these slowly.

This practice helps the prana to become subtle enough to penetrate the other dimensions of existence where your body feel connected in all levels it helps your consciousness to travel from physical to the mental body and if the consciousness is in energy body which is also called Tronic body one will identify with power and vitality.

Journey of Prana-

According to the Pranic signs prana is generated at the base of the spine but purify the throat centre.

By joining the course you get not only the Pranayama sessions but also a new environment of Pranic people, Who start the day with Pranayama. You will be connected to the community where you will be learning many other practises to grow spiritually. You will be able to come at our centre in Rishikesh to join a big community and practice together in this beautiful place.

⁃ How do I know if a course is right for me?

First of all I would suggest listen to yourself. It is not coincidence that you have become interested in Pranayam practice and reading this text.

 There is a great wisdom inside you that wants to develop spiritually, be happy, joyful, harmoniously and be productive. it is your great urge and wisdom for development that brought you here. You are here it means you’re already ready and you need it.

 I am here to support you on the path of transformation. After all if you don’t like this course no problem you will get all the refund you have paid, No questions asked. By saying this phrase it means I’m so confident in what I am offering you that I’m not afraid to give 100% guarantee. Within 10 days you have the right to demand a refund without giving reason.


It is so simple

1- In the form above choose a course you want and fill in your full name email and phone number

2- you get to the checkout page where you choose the payment method

3- once the payment is done within 10 minute you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions

4- login to your personal account on your platform and enjoy the practice. (this is only for online study)

How this course will go?

(In person at RISHIKESH) COURSE DATE -February 5

 this is 21 days pranic study in Rishikesh, course will start on 5 feb (full moon)- our pranic energy is much influenced by moon cycles (you will be informed in course)

ending date of course in 25 february 

you will be provided the food and study in this course but no any accommodation (plz find your own stay nearby) our team can help you incase 

you will have three classes a day one will be guided in the morning rest will be self study. classes will be 5 times a week (monday to friday) but one- after each class you will be recieving the task for the day this will help you to dive deeper to your self and this is the main part of this course. task will be based on pranc observation.sometimes you will be having classes outside - ganga river, mountain, caves and so on as an experiment of pranic energy.

after the course finish you will get participation certification by the school- but this certification is not a teacher certification it means it will not cirtified you as a teacher this you can use for your next module of this course PRANIC CHANNELISATION


(for online study)- Not yet started

If you are reading this it means you are more or less decided to attend my course

Pranic purification. Therefore I want to congratulate to you for taking this step. Now understand how it will work?

There are 11 recorded sessions minimum 30 minutes each. You will receive each video after 48 hour of finishing first one. It means one video Practice should be mastered in two days

Why two days?

It is easy to take or buy the course but this is not my mission and intention. I’m not here to sell my courses to you. I want to deliver this practice to you for your better prosperous life. You must experiment and experience this practice with your own. With this reason I’m giving you two days to master each practice and it is also because every video is a preparation for another one if you haven’t master the previous practice you might not get the full benefit of technique.

If the course does not give you results I will refund hundred percent of the amount paid

After finishing each video their will be questions diary Where you will be writing your experiences it will help me to connect with you and give you right direction throughout your Sadana.


Why do i teach people pranayama and other yoga practices who i am.

To be true i am not a monk, not an enlightened guru, not a great teacher.

I am simple person just like you

I am having family

But yes i have gained the experience in my path went to many ashrams to study and explore about the yogic practices. Lived  in  known Ashram bihar school of yoga for a year, Study in Ashram in Rishikesh and still researching by pursuing my PhD

For almost 5 years I have been developing my educational projects yoga vidya school. Conducting various programmes in our residential area in Rishikesh. And at the same time helping others to make their life better with yogic practices.

I also have lots of responsibilities -. For the family and all the people those who help me in development of my project

So I am well aware of the challenges of modern world and how difficult it is to maintain balance in all areas of life by practising yoga pranayama for an hour every day.

But I also know that we always have the opportunity to change things live this life brightly and holistically become the master of our own life and awaken inner light.

Once I felt the power of Pranayam I decided to devote myself to develop in this direction

In five years I have achieved many thing in my personal practice and in serving people through my teachings

In my personal practice I have gone through various yoga teachings. With various masters all over india. With my previous research and even currently research I have gone through so many ancient yogic Scriptures and tried the techniques from there to experienced by myself.

I have this potential to inspire people to practisePranayam because for me it is not just a hobby this is the truth of my life which I have earned throughout these years.

And now its time to explore more.

I have conducted many programs in rishikesh and around the world help hundreds of thousands of people to develop the practice.

I am regularly invited to all major conferences dedicated to mindfulness self-development and Yoga from around the world.



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