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300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Experience earnest physical, mental and spiritual transformation with our 300-hours yoga teacher training program at the Yoga Vidya School, Ubud, Bali. Get enamoured by the spell-binding countryside of Bali known for its verdant rice fields, beautiful beaches and a profound spiritual heritage. Our 300 hour yoga TTC in Bali is a positively transformative program well intended towards aspiring yogis who have successfully completed their 200 hour yoga TTC and are looking to gain more deeper knowledge. This program is also devised for seasoned practitioners who want to further explore the realms of yoga amidst the tranquil beauty and serenity that the island province of Bali offers.

We at Yoga Vidya School invite you to embark on a yogic path that transcends the physical realm while nudging you towards your innate light.

Get ready for a transformative journey amidst the scenic locales of Bali by enrolling in our profoundly enriching 300 hour yoga TTC at Ubud, Bali. Yoga Vidya School offers a sanctuary of yoga at Bali where the magical  ambience and the Balinese vibrant culture would nudge you  towards becoming a certified 300 hour yoga preacher.

The 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali at Yoga Vidya School is an exhaustive and comprehensive yoga teacher training course targeted towards intermediate and advanced level yoga practitioners. This all inclusive Yoga Alliance USA certified course by Yoga Vidya School endeavours to offer the very best yoga teacher training in Bali.

The 300 hour yoga TTC in Bali will empower you with deep knowledge and understanding of yoga principals and other nuanced aspects of yogic sciences. Anyone who is an advanced level practitioner and has completed the mandatory 200 hour yoga teacher training course is welcome to join this transformative course. Our globally valid  Yoga Alliance USA certified program will empower you to practise advanced level yoga at both personal and professional levels.

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Curriculum

Unleash Your Inner Potential: Dive into Our Transformative Yoga Curriculum!

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Advanced Hatha Yoga

Delve deeper into Hatha Yoga, explore advanced asanas, and take on board its philosophy. Deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection and learn how to incorporate more challenging asanas into your practice while focusing on alignment, breath control, and mindfulness.
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Advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa

Learn the complete Primary Series of postures of advanced Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional Mysore style and allow yourself to progress at your own pace. Receive in-person attention and adjustments knowledge from the teachers at the asana clinic.
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Yoga philosophy

Learn about the philosophical framework of yoga before you move on to practise different asanas and yoga styles. Understand the importance of ethical principles in deepening making your physical and mental energy on a right path of yogic lifestyle.
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Pranayama II

Have an in-depth understanding of the practice and theory of pranayama, the yogic science of breath control. Explore its advanced breathing techniques, their effects on the mind, body and emotions and how to incorporate them into our personal practice and teaching.
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Yogic Anatomy and Physiology II

Explore beyond the foundations of yogic anatomy and physiology and learn about the subtle energy channels and energy chakras, and their role in physical and spiritual well-being and their overall impact on the biomechanics.
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Yoga Darshan II

Explore deeper philosophical concepts and texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Gain a profound understanding of the yogic world, the nature of the mind, and the path to self-realisation.
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Dhyana Part II

Learn advanced meditation practices and learn in detail how to bring your mind to complete focus and attention. Explore different approaches to handling the mind and cultivating inner awareness.
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Advanced Shatkarma

Shatkarmas are purification techniques in yoga and during the course, you get to learn about advanced practices like Neti (nasal cleansing), Tratak (gazing practices), and Kapalbhati (breathing exercise). Learn how these practices help in purifying the energy channels and physical mind and body.
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History of Yoga

Encounter yourself with the history and culture of yoga and understand how it was nurtured back in the day. Learn the purposes and intentions behind yogic practices and bring in a profound impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
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Teaching Methodology II

Equip yourself with advanced teaching skills and techniques and learn how to design and structure Master-level yoga classes. Understand how to effectively communicate instructions, and provide individualised adjustments to your students while creating a supportive learning environment.

Make Yourself A Healthy Being With

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Course Fee: 3800 USD

What Does This Yoga Course

Package Include?

  • 28 nights shared room accommodation with attached bathroom.
  • Accommodation and Food at beautiful Ananda Ubud Resort
  • 24x7 Filtered drinking water and hot water.
  • Well-designed Course Material.
  • Shat Kriyas or Yogic Cleansing Kit.
  • Three nutritious organic meals per day
  • Cultural Trips and Excursions
  • WiFi and Beautiful sitting area to study and spend quality Me-time

What Is Not Included In This

Yoga Package?s

  • Additional Charges for Private Room - $400 USD.
  • Additional Charges for Pick and Drop and for any taxi service
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Our Fee Structure

We provide best 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali at affordable price.

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Traditional Ceremony

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3 Weeks of Tuition

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Accommodation at beautiful Ananda Ubud Resort

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Bed Sheets, Blankets and Towels

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3 Vegetarian Meals

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Morning + Evening Tea/ Indian Chai

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Cleansing Kit

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Course Manual, Books and Notebooks

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Internationally recognised Yoga Alliance Certificate

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Why Choose 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali at Yoga Vidya School ?

We at Yoga Vidya School offer the best-in-class 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Helmed by Acharya Prashant Jakhmola, Yoga Vidya School is a Yoga Alliance accredited institution imparting quality education in yoga. We give you innumerable reasons for choosing us as your preferred almamater to learn yoga.

  • Blend of Tradition and Modernity: Seamlessly integrates ancient yoga traditions with modern day practices to understand easily and apply on current lifestyle.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Rich curriculum with equal emphasis on philosophy and meditation practices along with Asanas.
  • Dedicated Yoga Masters: Graduates from top yoga ashrams and universities, learn with the teachers who are living yoga and dedicated to preserve the authenticity of traditional yoga.
  • Supportive Environment: At Yoga Vidya School, students can enjoy nurturing and supportive atmosphere for personal and professional growth.
  • Get Access to numerous valuable online courses to enhance your knowledge and practice.

Our Mentors

A team of highly skilled and experienced yoga teachers with diverse yogic backgrounds.
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Swami Atmatattwananda Sarawati

Yoga Philosophy

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Acharya Prashant Jakhmola

Pranayama, Asanas

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Ksenia Rasapriya Bodhi Ji

Yoga Anatomy


What you Will Learn In this Course ?

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4

Introduction to Authentic Yoga Practices

Hatha Yoga classes

Include the history of this style of yoga along with the foundational practice of asanas. Besides, the focus is also on understanding the upper body for asana practice and strengthening the asana series. Lastly, the asana philosophy and its many purposes are discussed in the classes.

Pranayama module

Includes the practice of Pranic Body Purification along with the concept of Pranamaya Kosha and its functionality. Furthermore, the module also includes purification methods and tranquilising practices. Besides, the concept of Dasham Vayu is explained along with its functionality.

Philosophy classes

This class will throw light on the famed Yoga sutras of Sage Patanjali and will cover its history. Besides, there is a brief discussion on Samadhi Pada. Furthermore, Klesha and its various repercussions on the mind are discussed. Lastly, a perspective is given pertaining to the quality of yoga practitioners and how these individual nuanced qualities affect the overall yoga practice. Sutras from Patanjali Yoga Sutras discussed are:

  • Yoga Samadhi
  • Yoga Sadhana
  • Yoga Vibhuti
  • Yoga Kaivalya

Shatkarma and meditation >

The Shatkarma modules will include the application of Jal Neti, Rabar Neti and Sutra Neti. In meditation, the traditional meditative posture is discussed along with concentration methods. Lastly, Yoga Nidra pertaining to the first and second levels is discussed.

Alignment and adjustment and Ashtanga Vinyasa practice

The course includes alignment of the entire Ashtanga Primary Series besides its complete practice. A lead on the Mysore style is discussed.

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Begin your journey from an aspiring yogi to becoming an accomplished one by taking the Yoga teacher training course in India from a recognized place like that of Rishikesh which is the Yoga capital of the nation. When you have the option of learning the authentic form of Yoga, then why dwell around the Google pages to find out which one is the best? There is nothing better to learn and gain the immense benefits of Yoga from a known destination where the traditional understanding of Yoga was introduced, and practiced for centuries.

Hatha | Ashtanga | Pranayama | Adjustment & Alignment | Philosophy


What They Say About Us?

Read and listen the transformative experiences of our yoga students and participants. Discover how our yoga teacher training, yoga classes and yoga retreats have helped them achieve their spiritual awakening, personal and professional development.
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The liberty, the inside oneness and openess that I felt after Prashant's classes always fullfilled me. I could feel the energy rising as well as the expansion of my limits. It is with a deep work of precision, humor, gentleness and perseverance that he gives his class. Prashant allowed me to go deeper on my and others and open new pathways. He's on of those who inspire and stays next to you for time ahead. Thank Prashant to have align me in so many ways and brought me further on. See you soon
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I believe Yoga Vidya School’s 200 hour yoga teacher training can change anybody's view on Yoga and its practice. The course teach you about real yogic lifestyle with its true meaning. The yoga teachers of this school have rich knowledge of all the aspects and principles of Yoga and goes deep into it to make it accessible to all level of students. Mantra and philosophy classes can give you a whole new energy. Another important factor that make this school the best, is its location away from the crowd of hotels and yoga schools of Rishikesh. The place is blessed with nature, making you feel like a real yoga retreat in jungle.

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