300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, India

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, India

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, India

Yoga Vidya School in Kerala, the noted destination for spiritual and vedic immersions, invites you to come along this sojourn of advanced yoga practices to further hone your skills and deepen your wisdom of the yogic art form through the 300 Hour Yoga TTC in Kerala. Take a step further into the world of yoga underneath the spellbinding shadow of the land of backwaters, exotic fauna and a humble lifestyle, Kerala. Become an advanced level yogi and indulge in more serious teachings of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in both theory and practice with exploratory references from the ancient text of yoga, the Bhagavad Gita, the Sutras of Patanjali, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and more. Upon completion of a 200 hour Yoga TTC, continue the journey of learning and teaching with our intensive 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala and be on your way to transition into a 300 Hour Yoga Alliance recognised yoga teacher and practitioner.

300 hour yoga teacher training kerala india


Gain mental and physical expertise to perform advanced Hatha Yoga asanas consisting of standing and inversion yoga postures. Build the strength and perseverance to perform these asanas with ease. 


Gain the flexibility and stamina to perform rigorous Sun Salutations, and advanced Ashtanga Yoga sequences and develop the ability to design your series for conducting yoga classes that address the individual requirements of your students.


Move towards more intense applications of the eight pillars of yoga and march on the path to apply the yogic principles to your day-to-day life to complete your transformation into a true yogi.

Move towards advanced breath work that works upon your lung capacity as well as build the mental and physical capability to apply the pranayama practices to the yoga asanas with more discipline and ease. Perform further cleansing of the energy channels (nadis) through advanced shat kriyas. 

Bring your mind and body into a deeply meditative state through more advanced traditional meditation techniques where any externality diminishes and all that is left is you and the dot you have focused on. Reach a complete state of mindfulness where pessimism is lost and where the mind is in complete control of the emotions and any triggers of stress. 

Dive further into the anatomy of the body, study the movement of each muscle and sync it with the breath through a proper application of pranic physiology.

Learn how to conduct advanced yoga classes with confidence and precision where you are able to decipher the requirements of each student and help them with the adjustment of the asanas accordingly. Become better equipped to pass the yogic wisdom in both theory and practice to the students and help each individual acquire their specific goals from your classes.

Daily Schedule for 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, India

06:00 AMTea Time
06:30 AM - 08:00 AMAsana
08:00 AM - 08:45 AMPranayama
09:00 AM - 10:00 AMBreakfast
10:15 AM - 11:15 AMMantra / Alignment & Adjustment
11:00 AM - 12:00 PMYoga Philosophy
12:00 PM - 03:00 PMLunch & Rest
03:00 PM - 04:00 PMAnatomy / Teaching Methodology
04:15 PM - 05:45 PMAsana Practice With Alignment
06:00 PM - 07:00 PMMeditation
07:30 P.MDinner

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Course Fee:
1600 USD

What’s Included and Not Included

What Does This Yoga Course Package Include?

  • 28 nights shared room accommodation with attached bathroom.
  • 24x7 Filtered drinking water and hot water.
  • Well-designed Course Material.
  • Beautiful Bag and School T-shirt.
  • Shat Kriyas or Yogic Cleansing Kit.
  • Three nutritious organic meals per day, plus Indian Masala Chai for morning and evening.
  • Cultural Trips and Excursions that include sunrise trek in Himalayas and visit to spiritual caves, ashrams, waterfalls and nearby villages.
  • WiFi and Beautiful sitting area to study and spend quality Me-time
  • On-call Doctor and Emergency Services.

What Is Not Included In This Yoga Package?

  • Additional Charges for Private Room - $200 USD.
  • Additional Charges for Air-Conditioning Room - $150 USD.
  • Additional Charges for Pick and Drop and for any taxi services.
Yoga Vidya school


Stay amid the lush beauty of Varkala, just a few steps away from the beauty of a clean and sparkling Varkala beach. Enjoy a comfortable stay with all the basic amenities at the abode of Yoga Vidya School as you immerse into an authentic yogic lifestyle. Listen to the sound of rustling palm leaves as you observe the practice of yoga surrounded by a holistic ambiance.



Relish a healthy diet composed of vegetarian and vegan food sourced from organic gardens and prepared in the humble settings of our kitchens. Observe the pure Vedic way of life that supports the rigorous curriculum of a yoga teacher training program during your stay here.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Fees

USD 1600


  • havanHavan Ceremony
  • week of tution4 Weeks of Tuition
  • accomodationAccommodation
  • Bed
                    Sheets, Blankets and TowelsBed Sheets, Blankets and Towels
  • Vegetarian Meals3 Vegetarian Meals
  • Morning-Evening Tea/ Indian ChaiMorning + Evening Tea/ Indian Chai
  • Cleansing KitCleansing Kit
  • Course
                    Manual, Books and NotebooksCourse Manual, Books and Notebooks
  • Internationally recognised Yoga Alliance CertificateInternationally recognised Yoga Alliance Certificate
  • Visit
                    to Local AttractionsVisit to Local Attractions
  • Celebration of Indian FestivalsCelebration of Indian Festivals
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Our Yoga Masters

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Reviews and Feedback


"The liberty, the inside oneness and openess that I felt after Prashant's classes always fullfilled me. I could feel the energy rising as well as the expansion of my limits. It is with a deep work of precision, humor, gentleness and perseverance that he gives his class. Prashant allowed me to go deeper on my and others and open new pathways. He's on of those who inspire and stays next to you for time ahead. Thank Prashant to have align me in so many ways and brought me further on. See you soon"



"I believe Yoga Vidya School’s 200 hour yoga teacher training can change anybody's view on Yoga and its practice. The course teach you about real yogic lifestyle with its true meaning. The yoga teachers of this school have rich knowledge of all the aspects and principles of Yoga and goes deep into it to make it accessible to all level of students. Mantra and philosophy classes can give you a whole new energy. Another important factor that make this school the best, is its location away from the crowd of hotels and yoga schools of Rishikesh. The place is blessed with nature, making you feel like a real yoga retreat in jungle."



Prepare for the next step forward into the world of advanced yoga with the best 300 hour yoga teacher training in Kerala at Yoga Vidya School. Explore the next layers of yoga asana practices, pranayama therapy, cleansing techniques, yogic anatomy and advanced meditation techniques as you transition into an advanced level yoga teacher and practitioner. Reach a point of the perfect symphony of the mind and body who is in perfect balance and control of their emotions during the 300 hour YTT with us.

300 hour of yoga teacher traning kerala india

Prepare for the next step forward into the world of advanced yoga with the best 300 hour yoga teacher training in Kerala at Yoga Vidya School. Explore the next layers of yoga asana practices, pranayama therapy, cleansing techniques, yogic anatomy and advanced meditation techniques as you transition into an advanced level yoga teacher and practitioner. Reach a point of the perfect symphony of the mind and body who is in perfect balance and control of their emotions during the 300 hour YTT with us.

300 hour of yoga teacher training kerala india

  • Have successfully completed the 200 Hour Yoga TTC from a Yoga Alliance accredited school.
  • Aspire to delve deeper into the traditional teachings of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in the gorgeous ambiance of Kerala. 
  • Can hold a Hatha Yoga asana for at least 60 seconds.
  • Have a healthy body and decent core strength to perform 20-30 Surya Namaskar( Sun Salutations) every day and at least 20 lower body exercises, primarily double leg lifts.
  • Have enough lung capacity to perform advanced Pranayama, i.e., can work with at least 60 min of breath work.
  • Desire to travel across the globe to help out people gain from your knowledge and wisdom of yoga as an advanced level yoga instructor.
  • Want to seriously disconnect from the world to reconnect with the deeper layers of your inner being.
  • Want to tap into your emotions on a deeper level to come out as a more balanced and stronger human being. 
  • Want to be the torchbearer of inner peace and help others find their inner light.
  • Aim at transforming into a mindful and alight human being who dwells in the present.

  • Acquire advanced knowledge and skills of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in both theory and practice.
  • Become a Yoga Alliance recognised yoga teacher of the 300 Hour YTT form. 
  • Be a stronger observer and acquire the perfect equilibrium of the body and mind. 
  • Reach absolute mindfulness and self-love.
  • Attain the strength and wisdom to safely perform rigorous yoga asanas and pranayama along with advanced shat kriyas (cleansing techniques).
  • Become more equipped both mentally and physically to conduct advanced yoga classes.
  • Help your students reach their goals through layered and more personalized yoga sessions.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yogic principles and philosophy. 
  • Get adapted further mentally and physically to the yogic way of life in terms of discipline, diet, and lifestyle.

     yoga principle and philosophy

Week I

Hatha Yoga (asana)

  • History of Hatha Yoga
  • Hatha yoga and Tantra
  • Strengthening Asana Series  
  • Understanding of Upper Body Through Asana Practice 
  • Foundational Practices with Asana 
  • Philosophy of Asana and Its Purpose



  • Pranic Body Purification Practice 
  • Pranamaya Kosha And Its Functioning
  • Tranquilising And Purification Practises
  • Dasham Vayu And Its Function



  • Yogasutra Complete Introduction And Its History
  • Brief Introduction Of Samadhi Pada
  • Klesha And Its Effect To Mind
  • Quality Of Practitioner And Quality Of Practice
  • Types Of Practitioners And Their Objective Of Yoga Practice



  • Jala Neti 
  • Rabar Neti 
  • Sutra Neti



  • For Traditional Meditative Posture
  • Meditation And Mind
  • Concentration Practises
  • Yoga Nidra First And Second Stage


Alignment and adjustment 

  • Alignment Of Complete Ashtanga Primary Serious
  • Quality Of Teacher


Mantra chanting 

  • Food Mantra And Guru Mantra 
  • Bhagwat Geeta Shola Chanting 



  • Yoga And Ayurveda Connection
  • History Of Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda Practises Linked With Yoga


Ashtanga Vinyasa 

  • Ashtanga Primary Series Complete Practice
  • Mysore Style


Week II

Hatha Yoga 

  • Moon Siltation And Sun Salutation Practice
  • Hip Opening Sequence Working For Center Body
  • Understanding Of Central Body With The Link Of Upper And Lower Body
  • Joints Movements



  • Prana Awakening Practice
  • Prana And Apana  Work
  • Activation Of Mooladhara 
  • 16 Foundation Of Body 
  • 10 Vayu
  • Role Of Right Nostril And Left Nostril For Balancing Of Right And Left Brain 



  • Sadhana Pad
  • Bhagwat Geeta Introduction 
  • Karma Yoga
  • Why Bhagwat Gita Is Yogi Text
  • Comparison And Similarities Between Bhagavad Gita And Patanjali Yoga Sutra



  • Sheet Kram Kapalbhati 
  • Vyutkram Kapalbhati
  • Vaat Kram Kapalbhati 


Alignment and adjustment 

  • Six Step Of Doing Asana
  • Philosophy Of Asana From The Yoga Scriptures
  • Purpose Of Asana
  • Deep Understanding Of Sidebending Asana ( Minimum 4 Asana A Day) 


Ashtanga vinyasa 

  • Second Series Introduction
  • Practice Of Second Series


Mantra yoga 

  • Bhagavad Gita Chanting
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra Chanting
  • Mantra For Memory



  • Chakra Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra 2nd Series
  • Working On Pratyahara


Week III

Hatha Yoga 

  • Backward Bending Practice
  • Traditional Asana Practices From Hatha Pradipika And Gherand Samhita
  • Learning How To Make Sequence


Ashtanga Vinyasa 

  • Second Series Practice
  • Mysore Style
  • Practice Of The Drishti
  • How To Control The Mind During The Practice
  • Handstand Practice
  • Working On Jump Forward Jump Back
  • Improving How To Float



  • Storage Of Prana
  • Understanding Of Various Nadies And Its Path
  • Intense Pranayama Sequence For Prana Storage
  • Right Nostril And Left Nostril Connection With Mind And Body Action



  • Visualization Practice
  • How To Manifest
  • Sound Meditation And Sound Healing
  • Traditional Bihar School Of Yoga Technique Of Pratyahara
  • Ajapa Japa And Kaya Sthairyam 



  • Backward Bending Alignment
  • Alignment Of Ashtanga Second Series
  • How To Adjust Other Body
  • How To Use Body As A Tool During Adjustment
  • How To Make A Sequence For Beginner Intermediate And Advanced Petitioner



  • Naada Yoga
  • Bhagavad Gita Chanting And Prana Ji Of Sutra Chanting


History of Yoga

  • Origin Of Hatha Yoga
  • Origin Of Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • What Is Tantra Yoga And Link Between Tantra And Hatha
  • How Yoga Went To West
  • Journey Of Yoga Practises In India



  • Bhagavad Gita 
  • Gyan Yoga 
  • Bhakti Yoga 
  • How To Control The Sensors And Their Subjects
  • How The Mind Function When It Is In Conscious State Subconscious And Unconscious State


Week IV 

Teaching Methodology II

Complete your transformation into a serious yoga teacher under the guidance of expert yoga masters who are teachers themselves. Develop the skills and keen ability to assess each student
from a unique perspective and customize the class, adjust each posture as per it.

From here, you will be mentally, physically and emotionally ready to take on the globe as an advanced level yoga teacher and practitioner.

Via Air Route: The closest airport from Varkala is in Thiruvananthapuram, the Trivandrum International Airport. The airport is about 45 km away from this beach town and is well connected to all major cities across India and the globe. Once you land at the airport, you can hire a taxi cab at the airport or take a bus to KSRTC bus stand and ride a bus from there. 

Via Rail Route: Varkala lies somewhere on the train route from Thiruvananthapuram to Ernakulam and can be reached by the train that makes a stop at the Varkala Railway station. The Thiruvananthapuram rail route is connected to all major cities of India. 

Via Road Route: We recommend keeping the road route as the last option if you are taking the bus. Even though KSRTC buses ply regularly between Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram, there is no direct bus to Varkala. You can take a bus from Kochi to Attingal and then take another bus from Attingal to Varkala.

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