The Level 1 Course - For Self Growth

What is special about this course ?

The Asana Alignment and Adjustment course was personally constructed by the head teacher of the Yoga Vidya school Prashant​ ​Jakhmola​, who has many years experience in designing and teaching at yoga teacher training courses and various yoga programs in India, Nepal, China, Russia and Indonesia. The present course is ideal choice for all yoga practitioners who requires basement for their asana practice.

Who is this course for ?

The Asana Alignment and Adjustment Level 1 course is designed for those people who haven’t done any Yoga​ ​Teacher​ ​Training​ ​Course​ and thinking to do, but need a preparation. In addition, this course is suitable for people who need further guidance in order to improve their personal self yoga practice. Absolute beginners in yoga also can find this course is very helpful to step on the yoga path.

What will we learn ?

In this course you’ll extend your essential knowledge of asana both in theory and practice. Moreover, you will learn how to understand your body’s needs through the different asanas, how to build your own practice and how to make it safe and more beneficial. At the end of the course each student will have clear knowledge and deep understanding about his own body, its abilities and how to work with it to achieve results in yoga.


  • Science of Asana
  • basic understanding of the pose.
  • how to break down the pose and get benefits
  • how to develop both stamina, strength and flexibility.
  • Practice of Asana: the 6 steps method of doing pose.
  • Philosophy of Asana: the reasoning behind the names and asanas in yogic scripts.
  • Anatomy of Asana: how to gain a clear understanding about your body and make practice safe and beneficial.
  • Root of Asana: working on building the foundation for your pose.
  • Alignment of Asana: learn how to use various techniques of alignment and suit them to your body.
  • Adjustment of Asana: how to improve your adjustment.


Time Schedule
07:00 A.M. - 08:30 A.M. Practical Class.
12:00 P.M. - 13:15 P.M. Anatomy of Asana.
18:00 P.M. - 19:30 P.M Techniques of Alignment and Adjustment


Accommodation and food during the time of the course is provided by Yoga Vidya School in one building in a quiet area near LaxmanJhula. School’s building is situated on the back road near to the jungle side, which makes it a perfect location for yoga practice. Comfortable rooms with hot water, fans and air conditioner if needed are kept for your comfort spacious and clean. Students can choose single or double accommodation respectively. Wifi is available in every floor of the campus. Laundry service can be arranged through the reception desk. Full meal and herbal teas will be distributed in the dining hall according to the course schedule. Yoga Vidya School provides delicious nourishing traditional Indian food, prepared by our chief’s fresh daily in our kitchen. Our food menu always changes from day to day to keep introducing students to a local cuisine. However, if some students have a special diet the can be provided with suitable food.

200 hours yoga teacher training course in rishikesh
200 hours yoga training course in rishikesh
asana alignments and adjustments in Rishikesh
200 hours yoga teacher training course in rishikesh


  • Studying materials will be given on the first day to help you for self studying.
  • Opening ceremony will be on the first day with Orientation ceremony – teachers meeting On the closing day students will be given certificates of the school
  • On Sunday students will get opportunity to learn Karma Yoga at Ganga river.
  • On a closing day students a certification distribution ceremony will be held.
  • Within the course you will have two Sunday of:
    • - One Sunday we will visit a spiritual place near Rishikesh.
    • - One Sunday we will learn cleansing techniques.


07th Jan - 20th Jan


07th March - 20th March


07th May - 20th May



In order to provide the best Asana Alignment and Adjustment course for you, we have decided to include the cost of food and accommodation in the total cost. That result in calm, supportive and comfortable environment in which the student can be clear minded and concentrate on learning subject.

The total cost including food and accommodation of the 1 5 days course is 700$.


Payment Option

PayPal You can deposit your conformation fees by our PayPal account. Our PayPal account e-mail id is:


Refund Policy

The deposit fee represents 200 USD and is required to book accommodation for a student. Students can pay deposit fee via PayPal account. Together with PayPal transfer charge deposits fee is 210 USD. This deposit fee is a part of the entire course fee. It is not refundable, however if you can not come for the course after paying the deposits fee, you can transfer it for any other future course with our school within one year. The rest of the course fee students can submit by cash at arrival within first three days. No refunds are available on cancellation after submitting and starting the course.



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