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How Can A Yoga Course Help You In Your Weight Loss Journey?

How Can A Yoga Course Help You In Your Weight Loss Journey?

Many of us resolve to manage or lose weight via different methods and techniques. Some of these are natural such as consuming a healthy diet and workout, while some of these are as inorganic as going under the knife. It does not have to be this way; we do not really have to choose between two things when we can lose weight as well as tone our skin parallelly. How? The answer is Yoga. A proper yoga teacher training course studied in India such as a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh whether a Hatha Yoga course in Rishikesh or an Ashtanga Yoga course in Rishikesh, brings the perfect opportunity to reside in a clean, Vedic environment while practicing the art of yoga and gaining holistic benefits that positively impact the mind, body, and spirit. 

Vedic Living

A spectrum of plant-based diets designed to suit the body composition and to balance out the body’s natural composition, this is one of the core support systems of a yoga teacher training course. Body weight increases when we consume more than we burn, whether it is the stress that we collectively store in ourselves more than we bust it out or it’s the food choices we make, these factors are primarily responsible for weight gain. Of course, we must not rule out any underlying medical conditions such as imbalanced thyroid gland, PCOD or PCOS, diabetes, etc. Once you get a physical assessment done, it gets even easier to plan the right kind of diet under the guidance of Yoga and Ayurveda teachers. When a body and mind fall into the Vedic schedule, the body begins to detoxify the toxins and fat away to make way for healthy hormones.

Cleansing Practices for Detoxification

The first step to healthy weight loss starts with complete purification, i.e., detoxification of the body. There is a whole practical as well as a theoretical subject on cleansing practices that are taught as conducted early morning during a yoga teacher training course. These are known as 'shatkriyas' in Sanskrit. Techniques such as Dhauti Kriya (cleansing the mouth and pipe), Basti Kriya (cleansing the lower abdomen), and Neti Kriya (cleansing the nasal cavities), and Trataka Kriya (cleansing the eyes) are the most popular. There are six major yogic kriyas for mental and physical purification that are taught during certified yoga programs.


Asana Practices For Physical and Mental Workout

The route to healthy weight loss combines mental and physical practices. Yoga courses stress bringing the body in sync with the practitioner's goal while also aligning the mind with it. This is done through a combination of asana and meditation practices assimilated through proper breath work as you make your way to complete mindfulness. Under the guidance of your mentor, you can focus on specific asana series that are designed for weight loss starting with the Surya Namaskar Series.

Useful Tips To Gain More Weight Loss Benefits from a Yoga Course 

Set a Target

Being proactive is amazing but being proactive towards a specific target is aweessome! Make specific goals that you can measure and be realistic about in a specific time frame. It is better to share your targets with your yoga instructor and teacher so they gain guide you to them and also motivate you along the way to perform better. With that, it is important to keep upgrading the level of your practices and not get stuck in a particular series as this would just create a rut for the body and mind leading you to hit a plateau. 

Patience is Key

Some say that an aggressive and targeted approach is the way to lose weight or achieve any specific target. However, the science of yoga begs to differ. It is with patience, humbleness, and a focused approach you can achieve bigger milestones that work holistically on both the body and mind rather than just work on the body. When you come to India for a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or anywhere else in the country that is known for authentic yoga teachings, this is a virtue that you would be expected to inculcate to absorb proper benefits from the program that you can carry for a lifetime. Yoga goes beyond the science of crash diets and quick routes to weight loss, it is a lifestyle, a road to eternal health and wellness of the body and mind. If you can’t get a pose right or are feeling bogged by its regulations, remain patient, take a pause and try again and again and again. You will reach there. 

Flexibility Is a Virtue!

Just like patience, resilience is another virtue that would take you on for a fruitful experience as a yogi whether you are looking to lose weight or gain other holistic benefits. Yoga is a science that requires disciplining the body and mind. It can be overwhelming, not to mention that certain asana practices can even lead to injury that can slow down the overall process. However, it is important that you stay motivated and keep listening to your body. Be open about your injury or any other issues to your yoga teacher so they can support you in your journey as per your need.

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