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How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost (100, 200, 300 & 500 Hours)?

Yoga teacher training is gaining popularity around the world like never before, for yoga has taken over the world on account of its healing powers that are nearly equivalent to magic. 

For those who have witnessed the prowess of yoga and are keen to spread it across the globe as yoga teachers, the first apt step that comes to mind is a Yoga teacher training program. 

As yoga teaching has been a global phenomenon and also a great career option, various yoga TTC courses are tailored to suit different needs and requirements.

But there is always one question that strikes every yoga enthusiast’s mind - how much does yoga teacher training cost? 

Well, the answer could be as simple as a figure. However, let’s delve deep into your query and understand it in detail including factors that affect yoga teacher training cost, tips to budget yoga teacher training, and a lot more.

Factors Affecting the Yoga Teacher Training Cost

Anything that holds value comes with a cost and there are several factors which affect the cost, and yoga teacher training is no exception. 

So, before we move on and understand other aspects of yoga teacher training at a yoga school, let’s learn about the major factors affecting the training cost. 

Yoga Style

yoga style by prashant jakhmola

Of course, there is no rocket science behind understanding the fact that different yoga styles have different training costs. It is because when you are learning Hatha Yoga, it will have a different curriculum and training intensity, in comparison to learning Yin Yoga. 

Also, the course materials provided and the workshops conducted would also be different. And all of this comes under the umbrella of cost, right? 

Moreover, advanced yoga styles would need expert instructors and teachers who profoundly know their department. Again, this would cost yoga schools a lot more to hire such teachers. Also, if a style has a spiritual or therapeutic focus, the training might cost more due to the in-depth knowledge you need.

Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) Level

Again a simple point to understand! Suppose you wish to learn a course that lasts for a month and on the other hand, your brother wishes to learn the same course with the same teaching hours that lasts for 6 months - which course would cost you more? 

Of course, the latter! In the world of yoga, there are also different yoga teacher training course levels depending upon their intensity and advanced teachings. These levels are usually:

●     100 hour yoga teacher training

●     200 hour yoga teacher training

●     300 hour yoga teacher training

●     500 hour yoga teacher training

●     Specialized yoga teacher training

All of these courses, as the names suggest, last for varied time periods. A 100-hour training is like the beginner level and only covers the basics. 

However, when you opt for 200 hours, you would be getting a bit more advanced. Now when you take up 300 hour yoga TTC, then you're leveling up even more with specialized introductions and advanced techniques. This way the cost increases for different levels of yoga teacher training courses.

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Schools

yoga alliance registered school

Yoga Alliance represents the yoga community and is an organization that recognises registered yoga schools across the world. It is the organization that is responsible for bringing good yoga schools offering the best education under focus. 

So, when you sign up for a yoga TTC course with a Yoga Alliance certified school like Yoga Vidya School, then expect to pay a little more in comparison to what you would pay at a non-registered yoga school. It is because these recognised schools offer standard education with best-in-class amenities and guidance. 

Moreover, these are the schools that focus on the overall personality development of the individual. Also, when you go to a Yoga Alliance-registered school, you get a stamp of approval. Hence, later on, it becomes easy for you to join health clubs, yoga studios, hospitals, gyms, colleges, etc, as a yoga teacher. Isn’t that what you would always opt for?

Yoga School Popularity

Another badge that you get for some extra money! Yes, enrolling at a school that is popular amongst yoga enthusiasts is a matter of pride. It also determines that the school offers great education, expert guidance, wonderful facilities, and top-class workshops.

All of this, consequently, increases the demand amongst people. Now when the demand is there in the market, there is a competition to bag the seat, and this sometimes results in a hike on tuition fees. 

Moreover, when a yoga school is popular, it is because it has produced some great students. So, to manage the reputation and the success stories of these alumni, the school often tends to increase their fees on various courses. 

No wonder there is a price difference between schools that are renowned amongst enthusiasts and the schools that are just starting up.

Location of Yoga Teacher Training School

Location matters and there are no two ways about it. Yoga is a journey of self-discovery, even when you are learning it just for the sake of your career. 

When you learn yoga, you are bound to learn about discipline, peace, rejuvenation, and joy. And these virtues are indirectly connected to the location you would be spending your time at. Can you imagine learning to be at peace and practicing yoga in the midst of a fish market? 

Of course not! You would require a peaceful place that is well-rooted in the mysteries of nature, right? That’s the reason where you do your yoga teacher training makes quite a difference in the bill. Now when you pick a fancy, touristy place, like Bali or California, it might cost more because of the beauties of palm trees and beaches. 

These dreamy locations often have higher living and training expenses. On the other hand, if you opt for a less glamorous spot like India or Southeast Asia, it would be way more budget-friendly for you. The cost of living here is lower and hence, you have affordable yoga teacher training courses to choose from.

Accommodation and Amenities


Now that we have learnt how the location affects the overall cost of your yoga teacher training, let’s learn how accommodation and amenities matter. 

Well, if defined in a few words, accommodation and amenities are those two biggies that can increase or decrease your cost of yoga teacher training. It is because sometimes the fees you would be paying are majorly living and food expenses.

You can consider it like booking a vacation and you know how it works? The place where you stay, if it has world-class amenities and great food, can cost you a lot more. Similarly, if your training includes private rooms with room services or great residential facilities, it is definitely going to be pricier. However, if you choose shared accommodations, then it could be more budget-friendly for you.

If your training course includes meals and recreational activities as well, then also it is going to be pricier for you. Fancy perks like daily spa sessions or pool access can also increase your fee. 

So, when you are signing up for yoga teacher training courses, do check what kind of stay and perks you would be getting. At the end of the day, it is all about finding the best spot that fits your budget.

How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

Now comes the real question - how much does yoga teacher training cost? Well, there are two components to it. First one is getting the training in-person and the second one is online yoga teacher training. 

Let’s understand both of them so that you can come to a conclusion and choose the right one for you.

In-Person Yoga Teacher Training

Prashant Jakhmola teaching in person yoga teacher training to student

As the name suggests, this is the training course that you need to attend physically. In-person yoga teacher training courses (YTT) come with both advantages and disadvantages. 

There are several good sides, as well as bad sides, of in-person yoga teacher training. On the positive side, you get hands-on guidance from experienced instructors. You can also get immediate feedback on your poses and build a connection with fellow trainees. 

This is the training where you can mingle with like-minded individuals and this eventually fosters a sense of community and can enhance the learning experience. 

However, disadvantages include higher costs, limited scheduling flexibility, and geographical constraints as you need to visit the school for your training.

Here is breakdown of yoga teacher training cost based on the level of yoga teacher training:

In-Person Yoga Course

Average Cost Per Person

100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

$700 - $1000

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

$1000 - $1400

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

$1400 - $1600

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

$2000 - $3000

Specialized yoga teacher training



One significant advantage of in-person YTT is also the immersive learning experience. When you are physically present in the class, you allow yourself to absorb the teachings more deeply. 

You can witness and learn about the details of postures and adjustments. And there is no doubt that this learning is often more effective than online alternatives, as it provides you with a richer understanding of yoga philosophy and practice. 

Also, in-person YTT courses often have higher tuition fees compared to online courses. This is because of the costs associated with accommodation, outdoor activities, workshops, meals, books, props, travel, and on-site instructors.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

Embarking on an online yoga teacher training journey has become an accessible and flexible option for individuals passionate about deepening their yoga practice and sharing their knowledge. Online yoga teacher training programs offer the convenience of learning from the comfort of one's home, making it ideal for those with busy schedules or geographic constraints.

Here is breakdown of online yoga teacher training cost based on the level of yoga teacher training:

Online Yoga Course

Average Cost Per Person

200-hour/300-hour Yoga Teacher Training

$30 - $100


Advantages and Limitations

Like in-person yoga teacher training, online yoga teacher training, as well, has both advantages and disadvantages. Here, you have lower training costs compared to in-person courses. 

Moreover, when you opt for online training, you get more flexibility in scheduling and this allows you to learn as per your convenience. 

But if we talk about limitations, then it is basically the hands-on guidance that you would be missing out on. Also, you may not be able to get immediate feedback on your practice.

Flexibility and Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, during online training courses, you can attend classes from anywhere in the world. Whether you wish to learn from the comforts of beaches or serene green lawns of your house, you always have options to do so. 

Moreover, you can prepare a schedule on your own without sticking to the daily routine provided during in-person training. This accessibility makes yoga teacher training quite easier for people who have time or location constraints.

Digital Community Building

Though online teacher training lacks the physical presence of an in-person community, online yoga teacher training courses foster a digital community. Through various forums, social media groups, and virtual meetups, you can connect, share experiences, and support each other.

In-Depth Analysis of Online YTT Costs

Now let’s understand in detail behind various other factors of online yoga teacher training costs:

Tuition Fees: 

Online YTT usually has lower tuition fees as there are no costs associated with physical spaces or in-person instructors. And this is what makes it a more budget-friendly option for thousands of aspiring yoga teachers.

Platform Subscription Costs: 

Another is that you may require a subscription on a monthly or weekly basis for online yoga TTC programs. Though the cost may be quite low, it would definitely impact the overall costs.

Digital Materials and E-books: 

When you go for online courses, you have digital study materials, which actually reduce the need for printed resources. This somehow can contribute to your cost savings.

Technical Requirements: 

You must have access to a computer or laptop and a strong internet connection, which actually impacts your overall cost.

Virtual Workshops and Events:

Though some online YTT courses may offer virtual workshops and events, they can carry addition

Scholarships and Grants

Many yoga schools offer scholarships and grants to help fund Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC). This is the initiative taken by them to make yoga TTC affordable for those who have financial constraints. And this is how people with less privileges can also embark on their aspiring yoga journey. These scholarships also encourage dedication and make yoga a thriving career option for millions of people around the world.

 General Eligibility Criteria for Yoga Scholarships and Grants:

To get yoga scholarships and grants, you must:

●     Have a passion for yoga and be in need of financial assistance

●     Have experience in yoga practice

●     Provide letters of recommendation

●     Be able to write essays and participate in interviews

●     Meet specific program requirements


Tips to Budget Your YTTC

Here are some of the tips for you to manage your expenses during your yoga teacher training course:

●     Do not forget to compare costs of Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC) in different locations. It is because some places might be more budget-           friendly.

●     Always consider taking your YTTC during off-peak seasons. Travel and accommodation costs are often lower, and this would save you money.

●     Do not fall for luxury options. Consider shared accommodations, hostels, or local guesthouses to cut down on living expenses.

 ●     Many schools offer early bird discounts, so do plan ahead and take advantage of these to    reduce your overall expenses.

●     Explore scholarship opportunities or grants provided by yoga schools as several schools offer financial assistance to support aspiring yoga                 teachers.

●     Consider online YTTC options as they might be more cost-effective and allow you to learn from the comfort of your home without additional travel         expenses.

●     Embrace local food options and hence, eat at local spots instead of touristy restaurants to save you money and give yourself an authentic                     experience

FAQs on Yoga Teacher Training Course

Is it worth doing yoga teacher training?

If you are passionate about yoga and wish to build a strong career in the field, then you must pursue yoga teacher training without any second thought. Yoga TTC offers innumerable benefits and transforms your overall personality. Also, if you wish to just deepen your yoga practice and have mental, physical, and spiritual gains, then the course is all for you.

What does a hybrid yoga teacher training cost?

Well, it can depend completely on the type of yoga course or yoga style you are signing up for. However, on average, a hybrid yoga teacher training can cost somewhere between $1500 and $3000. The cost may include fees for tuition, study materials, activities, workshops, food, and accommodation.

What does a self-paced yoga teacher training cost?

There is no fixed cost for a self-paced yoga teacher training. The cost of self-paced yoga teacher training can vary widely and it can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. But if you consider factors like curriculum depth and support levels, you can expect an increase in prices.

How much does CorePower yoga teacher training cost?

On average, the cost for yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga is about $3000-$3500 per person.

How much does Bikram yoga teacher training cost?

On average, a yoga teacher training course at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training School may cost somewhere between $1000 and $3000 per person.

How much does a yoga teacher training cost on average?

Though the cost for yoga teacher training depends on various factors including accommodation, yoga level, yoga type, reading materials, excursions, workshops, location, school’s reputation, etc., the average cost for a yoga TTC course is usually around $2,000 per person.

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