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Yogi Prashant was born into a Brahmin family in Rishikesh, India. A science graduate, he began his path of yoga with a visit to Shivananda Ashram where he learnt from one of the oldest yogis, 80 years old yoga guru, learning the basics of traditional yoga and philosophy, while continuing his Asana practice with Yogi Rudra Ji, a popular Iyengar Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh. He then explored Iyengar Yoga with Usha Devi Ji.The turning point of his life is, visit to Bihar School Of Yoga where he got pu


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Blog Posted on:16/12/2023
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I believe that so far my videos have brought about many changes in your life, such as practicing yoga regularly, eating right, and so on. But today I will tell you about a rule that should be the most important in your life. by consistently following this rule, your body becomes so capable of healing that it automatically ends any disease or sickness before they even arise.

The rules that I am about to tell you will be very beneficial in your life. Don't think that if i am talking about rules it means something very difficult, but rather you can easily follow this rule. By consistently following this rule, there will be positive changes in your body, I will also discuss those changes today. If you understand this rule correctly today, you will achieve physical and mental health in your life. 

First of all, understand that our body has an energy increment, which we call prana in yoga. This power is necessary to regulate every activity of the body. If you eat, this power helps in digesting food. If you run, this power prepares your body for that activity. If you think, this power provides energy to your mental body and manages the process of thinking even if you sleep you need this energy to function this mental activity as well. The correct arrangement of this energy is necessary to give the right direction to the life. If you invest all your energy dedicatedly

 in one work at a time, then the life force will undoubtedly complete that work. But if you distribute that energy in two different works at one time. then the consumption of that energy starts, due to which no work can be completed fully.

If you immediately do physical exercise or walk quickly after having a meal, all the energy goes to the part of the body where some active work is being done. This causes great harm to your digestive system, and the food you have eaten cannot be properly digested in the body instead stays there and rooting right there. 

The energy of the sun is at its peak during the day, just as the energy of your body is high during the day to digest food. However, just like the energy of the sun gradually decreases in the evening, the energy of your digestive system also slows down in the evening. That's why it is said that dinner should be light in the evening. And keep in mind that you should have your meal before sunset because the energy of your digestive system decreases after sunset, which makes it difficult for the body to digest food, whether it is vegetarian or sattvic.

Due to the inability to digest food properly, it starts accumulating and rooting in the body which leads to various serious problems, and eventually acts as poison for the body. 

Another reason is that during the night, your body's energy should be focused on healing, as it is the time for nourishment. During this time, digestive energy nourishes every part of the body and prepares it internally to prevent future illnesses.

Because now that you eat dinner at night and immediately go to sleep, your body will continue to work all night to digest that meal, which will prevent the healing process in the body. If you continue to do this constantly, even minor illnesses can become a major disease for the body in the future.

The third change happens in the body. 

Your mind will tell you to sleep, but your stomach will tell you to stay awake. These two parts of the body will remain active in order to perform opposite actions, which will prevent you from getting good sleep and also prevent the food present in the body from being fully digested. And this is the basic reason for causing diseases in the body. रIn the night, due to not getting proper sleep, you feel tired in the morning and your energy for the next day is also lost. You feel tired throughout the day. Some people don't even feel like waking up in the morning because their body didn't experience sleep all night, which could nourish their body and fill it with energy. Because all the energy was either used in digestion or in trying to sleep.

These three effects are present in your body, if you have a meal after sunset or eat too much or consume non-vegetarian food. As a result, your body's natural detox system gets completely disrupted and the body becomes unable to cleanse itself. Then you go to doctors, take various medications, or resort to Ayurveda. And adopt various remedies, but you have to first correct your body's natural system and fix your body's automatic detoxification system. 

Come, let's now discuss how to maintain this body cleansing system properly.how do we manage our food? Everyone should finish dinner before sunset or at least one hour after sunset.For this, first of all, you should have dinner at sunset or before that. You can understand it like this, if you live in India and the time of sunset is 7 o'clock, then you should have dinner at 7 o'clock. After this, you can sleep around 9 or 10 o'clock. This will ensure that your body gets enough time, which is about three hours, to digest the food you have eaten at night. In three hours, your body will digest that meal. I am saying half because our digestion power is not fully active at night. Then you go to sleep and the remaining food gets completely digested during the three hours of sleep if your digestion power and system are strong. After that, your digestion power works to heal the entire body, especially if any part of the body is weak. This power works to strengthen that weak part. You can understand it as a healing process. And next meal you can take morning 7 or 8. This is the simplest rule that everyone should follow. By following this small rule, various positive changes start happening in your body. Your body starts getting better on its own and even a serious illness, if it has been in the body for many years, also starts getting better over time because your life force works to heal that disease. Now let's talk about if you want to follow this rule more deeply and make your body healthier. For this, you should practice partial fasting. In Ayurveda, there are various types of fasting, such as not eating anything throughout the day, which can be done once a week, but in today's time, not everyone can complete it. For this, partial fasting will be a very simple rule that everyone can follow.

This half-fast involves keeping your body free for 16 hours. During these 16 hours, the body will be able to store food, and then it will take energy to strengthen the organs that are weak. Not only will you be physically healthy but also mentally strong enough to understand this in simple language - if you do eat at 7 o 'clock in the evening - you'll have to eat the next meal at 11 o 'clock in the morning. These 16 hours interval will give your digestive system enough time to digest food and deliver nutrients from that baby food to various departments of the body.

By consistently following this rule, various positive changes will occur in your body, such as if someone's hair is falling, the hair fall will decrease. Individuals who have been suffering from constipation for a long time also start to gradually recover because your digestive system and detoxification process start working properly and the body starts eliminating toxins on its own. now understand what changes will happen at the cellular level in your body. The cells present in your body generate energy from the food taken from outside, and if you keep feeding the body repeatedly, these cells generate energy from the food taken from outside. However, if you stop feeding the body from outside for some time and fast, then these cells that are present in the body will stop receiving food from outside, so they start generating energy by absorbing waste substances such as useless proteins and certain types of bacteria. Doing this continuously initiates the cleansing of every cell in your body, and gradually the whole body starts to become clean on its own.this is called autophagy 

Our cell contains a structure called lysosome, which contains certain types of enzymes that help in the absorption of waste materials and the production of energy in the cell. If you think you can start this process by having any medicine then this is not possible. This process can start only with one way which is having fast yes There are some Ayurvedic medicines that can be helpful in cleansing the body. Such as trifala churn which you can take at night half teaspoon with warm water, which will not disturb this internal process at all, but helps you to clean the bowl in the morning.

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