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Blog Posted on:15/02/2023
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Why Should a Digital Nomad Experience Yoga Teacher Training In India?

Why Should a Digital Nomad Experience Yoga Teacher Training In India?

As a digital nomad, life opens multiple doorways to various kindred experiences, one of these experiences that digital nomads are turning towards more and more is the path to being a yogi and making a living as a yoga teacher and digital nomad. While the thought of learning yoga and transitioning into a yogi as well as opening the path to becoming a yoga teacher, is certainly inviting, the most important turn point is where to begin and how to begin this new journey. If you are looking to transition from a 9-6 corporate lifestyle into the spiritually, mentally, and physically awakened life of a yogi and digital nomad, then pack your bags and travel to India for yoga teacher training at a reputed yoga school in India. Travelling and yoga, these two magical terms when combined, lead to some of the greatest experiences of an entity's life. If such an entity steps even further and ends up doing Yoga Teacher Training in India, then it is just divine.

If you are a digital nomad interested in taking the yogic route to self-care as well as an additional career choice or are already a digital yoga nomad, then read on to know all the perks and benefits when you get the chance to experience yoga teacher training in India.

Explore & Adopt the Yogic Lifestyle to Mental & Physical Well-Being

India is the land of yoga and spirituality. Being here whether a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, the world's yoga capital or any other yogic town in this country, you get the time and space to study the meaning of yoga in its truest form. You are taken through a journey that helps adopt yoga, not as a form of workout but rather as a lifestyle that leads to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

As a traveler, you might come across vices, things that are unhealthy yet tempting enough to pick such as unhealthy food, drinks, and other habits, during a yoga teacher training program in India, as you transition into a yogi, you also transition into someone who makes conscious choices in terms of food and lifestyle too.

Develop Self-Awareness, Intuitiveness & Be More Mindful During Travels

During travels, digital nomads get exposed to different types of environments. Some environments are easy to adapt and adjust while some can even be harmful to the body and mind. It could be a change in climate or lifestyle or the overall vibe of the place. During yoga teacher training, you learn to stay grounded to Mother Earth and pay homage to it. It teaches us sustenance and helps us rise in our hearts beyond the usual luxuries of life to someone who is more flexible.

Mindfulness is another important attribute that yogis cultivate during a yoga teacher training program in India. Being aware of the surroundings, being in the present, and living in the 

present rather than drifting into the past of the future is the core of mindfulness. It is important for everyone that we are mindful, only then, we can open our hearts to live and be in the present. This practice of mindful living is especially helpful for digital nomads who are seeking a route to discover the self and dwell in the present. Self-awareness and mindfulness help us anticipate any danger as well before it attacks us, whether it is in the mind or body.

Develop Patience & Release Any Stress Without an Outburst

How to remain calm even in adverse situations and how to be the observer rather than the reactor, a Yoga TTC teaches a person to be humble yet strong and confident at the same time. It teaches patience and also teaches how to remain unaffected by bad calamity.

During a Yoga TTC, you learn the power of breath and how to channel it to release any pent-up stress and purify the inner being to start afresh. Feel light as a feather yet grounded like the Tree when you assume the position of Tadasana.

Common Subjects That You Will Learn During a Reputed Yoga TTC in India

•                      Pranayama or Breath Work

•                      Yoga Asanas

•                      Yoga Alignment & Adjustment

•                      Yogic Anatomy

•                      Teaching Methodology (to be a confident yoga teacher)

•                      Meditation

•                      Mantra Chanting

•                      The Philosophy of Yoga (adopting the meaning and practice of yogic diet, its ethics and principles)

•                      Yogic Cleansing Techniques (shatkriyas) for mental and physical purification

 What type of yoga teacher training programs to go for?

There are different types of yoga teacher training programs in India that you can consider ranging from 100 hour, 200 hour, 300 hour to 500 hour yoga TTC. There are longer, more advanced yoga programs as well. Depending upon your level of study and time duration, you can pick a program of your choice.

·         100 Hour Yoga Program (Beginner Level)

·         200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Beginner Level - Intermediate Level)

·         300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Intermediate Level - Advanced Level)

·         500 Hour Yoga TTC (Beginner-Advanced Level)

Make sure you get into an Internationally accredited Yoga school in India so you can pursue yoga teaching professionally on a global scale (if you'd like to).

Aspiring yogis who want to engage in serious yogic practices and learning prefer to opt for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh where yogic practices are imparted with finesse and authenticity.

100 hour of yoga Rishikesh
100 Hour Yoga

Duration: 3rd of Every Month
Price: $700

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200 hour of yoga Rishikesh
200 Hour Yoga

Duration: 3rd of Every Month
Price: $1200

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300 hour of yoga Rishikesh
300 Hour Yoga

Duration: 3rd of Every Month
Price: $1400

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