Yoga Retreats in Kerala at Yoga Vidya School

Yoga Vidya School in Kerala welcomes you to experience life transformative serious authentic yoga practice in an energetic environmentat the Indian Paradise of Kerala. Led by some of the best teachers in yoga, learn yogic movements, meditations, and mudras while leading a spiritual lifestyle. Break away from the humdrum of daily grind to indulge in soulful yoga retreats in the lush greenery of Kerala. Enjoy the Indian Yogic hospitality at our facility complete with beautiful accommodation and simple yet delectable South Indian food. We offer indulgent yoga retreats that also include cultural immersions through visits to the umpteen spellbinding waterfalls, lush green forests and such other jewels studded on the Kerala landscape.

Sample Yoga Retreat Schedule In Kerala

Morning yoga sessions:  Our morning yoga classes comprise predominantly free-flowing Ashtanga yoga practice and help to enliven your body and mind. The intricate and challenging Ashtanga yoga practice includes swift and intense yoga asanas that work to enhance your focus, body alignment and coordination. Plus, the daily morning yoga routine also inculcates deeply energizing pranayama sessions that will heal your body and mind while improving your immunity.

Mode of Instruction: English

Evening yoga sessions: Ease into the tranquil surroundings of Kerala by participating in our Hatha yoga sessions. Feel restful as you retire for the day with these evening sessions of Hatha yoga that are generally followed by calming meditative practices.

Cultural and leisure local trips during the day

Yoga Vidya School believes that yoga sojourns are incomplete without exploring the cultural and natural surroundings. Besides, who wouldn’t want to indulge in the spellbinding views of the verdant Kerala landscape? So, Yoga Vidya School also includes day trips as part of your yoga retreat schedule so that you get enough time and opportunities to explore this coastal state's rich natural treasures. So, marvel at the cliff-fringed Varkala beach and visit the local villages, Spirutally enlightened Sivagiri Mutt dedicated to Shri Narayana Guru. Also, visit the popular temples in Varkala during your leisure hours.

Furthermore, as part of the yoga retreat package, participants can also avail one Ayurvedic massage. With additional charges a lot more Ayurveda offerings are available during the stay.

Best Yoga Retreats In Kerala offered by Yoga Vidya School

 Ashtanga Yoga Retreat Kerala, India

The 8-limbed Ashtanga yoga requires a deeply focused yoga practice. So, if you are looking to further deepen your Ashtanga yoga practice or simply looking to explore this style of yoga as a beginner, we at Yoga Vidya School can help you in many ways than one. The teachers at Yoga Vidya School are adept in the traditional, technical and anatomical aspects of the Ashtanga yoga practice. Yoga Vidya School offers the perfect rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit with this immersive Ashtanga yoga retreat. Delve into the ancient wisdom and traditional practice of the famed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga under the guidance of the yoga masters of India. This retreat also includes specialised pranayama and meditation practices that stand to strengthen your inner organs in preparation for the challenging Vinyasa practice.

 Pranayama Retreat in Varkala, Kerala

Yoga Vidya School’s Pranayam retreat will help you bring about an equilibrium pertaining to your mind, body and soul. We at Yoga Vidya School, Kerala offer you a wholesome Pranayama retreat experience that would help to sync your physical body with your psychic realms. Led by our experienced yogini - Ksenia Ji, this pranayama retreat endeavours to add more depth to your asana practice by taking it a notch higher through varied techniques of breathwork. The pranayama retreat will cover an in-depth study of theory and Pranayama philosophy. Besides, topics such as breath anatomy would add more meaning and depth to your pranayama practice. The techniques and philosophies disseminated at this pranayama retreat at Yoga Vidya School would  bring lightness to your body while you heal yourself of physical and mental maladies. Besides, the accrued mental clarity will prepare you for the ensuing stages of meditation.

 Hatha Yoga Retreat in Kerala

Experience the nuances of the most popular and traditional Hatha yoga practice amidst Kerala’s lush green escapades. Practice Hatha yoga which utilises physical methods to preserve and channel the vital energy force or prana of the body. For those unversed, Hatha yoga practice is quite a versatile style of yoga that can be adapted for any age group and suited to individual needs. So, even if you are a beginner in yoga who will be gently introduced to some of the basic yoga postures or a person with an advanced age looking for a range of motion exercises, Hatha yoga can adapt to all kinds of needs. Yoga Vidya School welcomes you to experience its Hatha yoga retreat to delve into the inner workings of the body through a spiritually inclined yogic practice. Besides, this Hatha Yoga Retreat program is also open to people who are avid yoga practitioners and are preparing for a yoga teacher training certificate course.

 Meditation Retreat Kerala

Yoga Vidya School in Kerala offers a perfect ambience for a spiritual retreat. Kerala’s palm-fringed coastline and the serenity of the tranquil backwaters offer a perfect backdrop for a multitude of meditative practices. Yoga Vidya School, Kerala offers meditation retreats led by India’s yoga experts with years of rich experience teaching yoga and meditative practices. Get ready to soak in the deeply immersive meditation retreat at our facility guided by spiritual practices and result-oriented mindful meditative sessions. In these retreats, we also cover mantra meditation, visualisation meditation, focused meditation and movement meditation. Book Meditation Retreat in Kerala to get a meaning holiday experience with the purpose of attaining a deep connection with mind, body and soul. Combining meditation practices with papering Ayurveda massages, the yoga retreat in india is one of the best you should try for.

 Ayurveda Retreats in India at Kerala

Knowledge and practice of yoga is incomplete without the intervention of Ayurveda. In fact, Kerala is a watering hole for all kinds of age-old Ayurvedic practices. So, we at Yoga Vidya School, Kerala have imbibed this coastal state’s famed ancient Ayurvedic practices to offer you a holistic Ayurveda retreat experience. This Ayurveda retreat aims to detox and rejuvenate you through varied indulgent Ayurvedic therapies and massages. Besides, the knowledge gained at our Ayurveda retreat program will further embolden your daily yoga practice. During the yoga retreat, the guests will get pure and nutritious Ayurveda food and drinks cooked by Ayurveda chefs. Pamper yourself with authentic Ayurveda massages and treatments in a tranquil paradise of kerala. The Ayurveda clinic and spa are managed by highly experienced Ayurveda doctors and therapists and they use premium quality Ayurveda oils, herbs and ingredients to ensure best results. Book Ayurveda retreat in kerala at Yoga Vidya School and feel healthy, rejuvenated and happy with this amazing experience.

 Workation Retreats

The COVID-19 Pandemic has altered the way people live and work today. The myriad work-from-home opportunities have offered busy professionals more leisure time and space to work on their health goals. Besides, the ongoing raging Pandemic has made people realise the importance of having a healthy body and mind. So, we at Yoga Vidya School offer innovative ‘workation retreats’ that cater to a niche clientele of working professionals. We have designed the program schedule in such a way that you not only get to indulge in immersive yogic practices but would also be able to take care of your work commitments. So, we suggest you make the most of your remote working arrangements by signing up for such ‘workation retreats’ at Yoga Vidya School. What’s more? working while savoring the blissful surroundings of Kerala might just end up making you more productive at work. Book workation retreats in india with yoga vidya school to reconnect with your mind and body and restore wellness. This yoga retreat in kerala, india will offer you authentic yoga sessions related to hatha yoga, meditation, pranayama, laughter yoga, and Ayurveda massages.

 Wellness stays in Kerala

Kerala aka “God's Own Country” is a nature’s paradise. Besides its aromatic spices, coffee and tea plantations, and verdant forests, Kerala is also a hub for wellness holidays and yoga-related activities. Yoga Vidya School offers a multitude of wellness retreats where you can indulge in short-term courses in yoga, pranayama workshops, meditation, Ayurvedic therapies and other spiritual activities. Such wellness sojourns stand to offer you a much-needed break from your mundane daily life while rejuvenating your body and mind. So, this time around, plan a wellness sojourn instead of planning those itineraries choked and exhausting holidays by availing of our wellness stays at Yoga Vidya School. Book Yoga and Wellness Retreats in India with Yoga Vidya School and get a wellness stays at beautiful and healthy venue. A nutritious and saatvin food is served during the stay to ensure once should get the right food and energy to enjoy the wellness and retreat activities in kerala.

Accommodation and Food

YogaVidya School offers basic but comfortable accommodation facility near Varkala beach, where you can get all the care and warmth.  All the rooms are spacious and full of light, with attached toilets and shower. You can get an option to choose a private room If you want complete privacy and me time, whereas you can also get a shared or double room option If you want to have a like-minded roommate. During the Retreat In Kerala , Yoga Vidya School Varkala Kerala will offer daily ayurvedic and organic food cooked at in-house kitchen. We serve daily morning tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner with a touch of Kerala style.

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