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Yoga Alliance Certified Traditional Yoga Teacher Training School in India

Welcome to Yoga Vidya School, a place to immerse in serious authentic yoga practice led by best yoga teachers of India, in an energetic environment created for transformation through Yogic Movements, Mudras, Meditations, Philosophy and Spiritual Lifestyle. You will practice this sacred science in the Mother Nature in the foothills of Himalayas, by the banks of river Ganges. Enjoy the Indian Yogic Hospitality in our beautiful accommodation facility near Laxman Jhulla and the Ayurvedic and delicious food menu focuses on freshness and flavour. We offer Cultural immersions through visit to Ashrams, Ganga Aarti, Waterfalls and Trek in the Himalayas.

Outside Rishikesh, we are available in Kerala, Romania, Russia, France and Bali with translators for Multilingual experience.

In additional to physical presence, we are also recognised for a global outreach through Online Yoga classes, courses, workshops and therapies to spread this sacred wisdom and inspire everyone to live healthy and happy life while staying at home. Join our community and empower yourself with the powerful shift in your life – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.


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Through Online Offerings, we intent to create an opportunity for health enthusiasts and dedicated yoga lovers to continue their practice, healthy lifestyle, personal and professional development with the best yoga teachers from India with safety and comfort of your home.

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Explore our Free and Paid Virtual Package and keep working on self transformation, personal empowerment and sound holistic health.

Free Yoga WorkshopsFree Workshops with Yogi Prashant from Rishikesh


Paid Yoga WorkshopsOnline from The Land of Yoga - Rishikesh


Yoga Vidya School, best yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh India , provides help and steering by giving the self-discipline and spiritual tools that helps you to grow and go deeper into your inner self.

Our Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training is a course not just about becoming a skilled yoga teacher or trainer, it is a Sadhana which means a sacred discipline to get the desired knowledge with complete dedication and immersion. By taking a decision to join our yoga teacher training course, you are making a commitment to push your practice to new boundaries. This special yoga course is not just limited to Physical development, but it is created for overall development by incorporating the 8 Niyamas–Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. Some of the reasons why this is a best Yoga Teacher Training Course for you:

  • You will get well researched and expertly crafted curriculum of 14+ Subjects, coveringall the aspects of Yogic Lifestyle
  • Your will get trained under Inspirational Yoga Teachers with exceptional teaching experience, who are Yoga Sadhaks, dedicated yogis
  • You will explore and understand theBhagavadgita Gita, ancient yoga texts and scriptures written by greatest yogis and sages of India
  • Important Yoga Philosophies, Mantras and Meditations to keep the positive energy awakened
  • You get to learn the authentic source of yoga with clarity over the Yoga Myths and Misinformation available on Internet or anywhere
  • In this best yoga school in Rishikesh, With Yogic Anatomy and Physiology, you will learn the details of the structure of human body, how it moves and reacts to each yogic movement while practicing, thus keeping you safe against injuries
  • You will understand Yoga beyond Asanas and how to live it as a lifestyle
  • Food and Sattvic Diet is source of our strength and energy, so you will learn about what to eat and what to avoid to support your practice
  • You will learn to live a balanced life and to manage situations you encounter in your everyday life at home, office or anywhere
  • You will become a Yoga Alliance Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher who will inspire the students with confident and clear instructions, appropriate adjustments and alignments and live yoga as an example for everyone

  • Indian culture

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    In-School Yoga Teacher Training Programs

    Multi-style courses with dedicated morning sessions on static practices hatha yoga while the evenings dedicated for ashtanga vinyasa with dynamic series of asana and consecutive practices

    100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

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    Importance of Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

    Blossom every day under the modern teachings of the learned and highly experienced yoga teachers/gurus who have built a peaceful yogic community around the globe.

    Begin your journey from an aspiring yogi to becoming an accomplished one by taking the Yoga teacher training course in India from a recognized place like that of Rishikesh which is the “Yoga capital” of the nation. When you have the option of learning the authentic form of Yoga, then why dwell around the Google pages to find out which one is the best? There is nothing better to learn and gain the immense benefits of Yoga from a known destination where the traditional understanding of Yoga was introduced, and practiced for centuries.

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