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Blog Posted on:21/02/2023
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Exploration of prana in asana practice and how it cures diseases


As per Yoga, the foundation of life, of entire universe, is a life force energy which is called as Prana. While Prana is not only a breath, but breath is mostly considered to be a major form of prana in our body and therefore it is mainly get related to the Pranayama or breathing movements of Yoga.

In the Yoga Asana practice different stages of the body are very helpful in the movement of the Prana. When you are stable for some time in one posture, the pressure of prana increases in the Nadis (energy channels) present in the body. This pressure that occurs in the nadis causes a slight change in the speed of your breath. But when you exit from the asana, Pressure is released forcefully and therefore heating sensationscan be experienced in the human body. The moment the pressure is released, Prana gets forcefully travelled through the Nadis and start opening the blockages (physical, mental and emotional).

Keeping in view of these pressures created during the asana practice, yogis have given importance to the time interval of 30 seconds minimum into each asana. Thus, when you work consistently in several series of asana like that, you constantly increase and release the pressure into Nadis. That is why the body‘s function of purging continues to function, and is an example of the purification of body in the asana practice.

So in asana practice dynamic and stability must move together. Prana will continue to travel in more directions as you move, turn and twist the body while changing the asana and the body will continue to undergo purification in that area.

Therefore the practice of postures should not be regarded as mere physical practice. When viewed from outside, it seems to be a physical practice, but its inner manifestation is something deeper.

Practicing correctly will also make it possible to work on the subtle body surfaces where other physical exercises may not work. We feel the diseases or it appears to us when they come to the upper surface of the body and make us feel pain. And then we begin to work on the surface outside, to remove them and treat it with many medicines, but we forget that this treatment is only for outer bodies. And that is also only until the medicine's effect will be in contact with our bodies.

But it is different with the Asana practice. The proper practice of yoga asana allows you to reach and heal deep surfaces of your body. The deeper surface is wherethe arrangement between the five elements present in the body. And to manage or balance the disorder of these five elements of the body these asanas are practised. The disorder of the body is due to the disorder of the five elements.

So yogis gave a formula; `ASNEN RUJO HANTI`

Which Means -Disease can be eliminated by the practice of asanas. The balanced or proper system of the five elements is the cause of the death of disease. And this arrangement can be obtained by the practice of ASANA. When the system of five elements in the body is perfect all the systems present in the body start working properly. By one example, you can understand it out. If you do inversion asanas, you influence the space element.

Dislocation of space element in body produces confusion, it has a very deep impact on mind due to which mind loses its sattvic state. Which causes mental illnesses like memory loss, depression, sickness, etc. The practice of asana and pranayama is a complete science. It is a subject which, if studied in-depth, the deadliest diseases can also be destroyed.

One can learn correct practice of Asanas, understand the concept of prana and how to cure diseases through yoga by practicing under the guidance of qualified yoga teacher or attending authentic yoga programs like 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh or other recognised places in the world.

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