Guru Gorakhnatha

Gorakhnath is also known as Goraksnath and also known as Guru Gorakshnath. Guru Gorakhnath was a hindu saint in 11 century, he was the influential founder of nath tradition (which basically believes in Shiva or Shivism)

Guru Gorakhnath was the disciple of matsyendrnath who was also know as AVLOKITESHWAR (incarnation of Shiva) he was the first hatha yogi

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There is one asana in hatha yoga which is based on gorakhnath known as "GORAKSHASANA".

Guru Gorakhnath was one of the nine saint of nath tradition which is called "NAVNATHA". He was a maha yogi who was born sanyasi. Guru Gorakhnath was the first hatha yogi who brought the hatha yoga secrets from the ancient time. The yoga had earlier been called gupta vidya ( the secret knowledge of enlighten) and no one could practise this as this vidya was very hard. Guru Gorakhnath modified this secret vidya in a simple form of practice so everyone could practice. The same form we are practising today with the different names. He wrote many text about yoga. His first text is goraksh samhita.

According to Gorakhnath there are 6 limbs of yoga which is called "SHATHANG YOG"

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We will study the scripture called "Gorakh Padhyti" ( the hatha yoga text) written by GURU GORAKSH NATH

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