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Hips are comprises of more than 20 muscles including inner thigh muscles, outer thigh muscles, hip flexors, deep lateral rotators etc. and beneath the structure of these muscles, there is the largest ball and socket joint of the body, which is one of the major joints of the body that bears maximum body weight. If you are suffering from lower back pain, experience muscle spasms in the legs, or have trouble jumping, kicking or sprinting, maybe one of the reasons is the tight hips. And tight hips can not only host physical problems but it will affect your emotions too. Hip opening postures or exercises can bring up a lot of releasing sensations to entire body and mind. If painful hips are limiting your range of movement and giving you a bad feeling all day, and you are searching the right hip opening sessions, this 45 minutes (for 21 days) live course from Rishikesh, India is the best fit for you.

Things you need to practice with us

Not a lot of equipment and accessories are required to attend this hip-opening session with us. Simplicity is the essence of our practice and we will show you how you can awaken your sacral and root chakras simply by perfecting our hip-opener yoga sequence. Get started with -

  • Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet - Tune in to our daily Live using your smart device and a stable internet connection.
  • Telegram App - Download this free app on your device to stay connected with us
  • Yoga Mat - A vinyl or rubber yoga mat of medium thickness as per your comfort (rubber mats with jute in them are more eco-friendly!)
  • Yoga block - A block of wood, foam, or rubber for support
  • Yoga belt - A belt to help you hoist up your hip by yourself as required

Lastly, keep 30-45 minutes of your time free from all engagements from evening 7 pm to attend this session without interruption, for you would really need to focus on the moves to get them right!


An elaborate warm-up series for high-intensity movements

Prashant's course has two main components - an elaborate warm-up series to prepare your muscles for high-intensity movements, and a number of sequences focussed on the muscles around the hip joints, hamstrings, inner leg, frontal thighs, and gluteal muscles. Over the 21 days Hip Opening Workshop, we will be covering the following postures and their variations -

  • High Crescent Lunge or Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana; to stretch the hip flexors and quad muscles
  • Low Lunge or Anjaneyasana; to stretch the hip flexors and quads
  • Lizard Pose or Utthan Pristhasana; for stretching the outer hip (adductor) muscles and the gluteus medius
  • Hero Pose or Virasana; for stretching your thigh muscles
  • Cow Face Pose or Gomukhasana; for stretching the abductor muscles and the gluteus medius
  • Half Pigeon Pose or Ardha Kaptasana; for stretching the outer hip or abductor muscles including the gluteus medius


  • Gain extra flexibility
  • Experience deep relaxation as the tension ebbs away from your lower back and hips
  • Understand correct alignment for facilitating hip-opening
  • Learn yogic breathing exercises that complement your hip-opening movements
  • Get certified and level up your skills as a yoga teacher
  • Practice at your own pace, get one on one with Prashant, and get access to recorded videos for two months after the course

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