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Why Join a 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Kerala, India?

Yoga is an ancient and deep science where yogic learnings are an ongoing process. So, if you are someone who has already completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training but is looking to hone your skills in yoga and deepen your knowledge in this yogic art form, then a 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kerala should be your next natural step. 
Immerse into the depths of the yogic world amidst Kerala’s verdant greenery, serene backwaters, exotic wildlife and simplistic lifestyle. Take a step further in your yogic journey by indulging in deeper immersions in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. Get an all-around knowledge with references from the age-old yogic texts such as the Patanjali Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
This blog will not only serve as an exhaustive guide pertaining to 300-hour yoga TTC in India and specifically Kerala but also enunciate reasons for joining this intense training program in yoga.

What Is A 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

The 300-hour yoga alliance teacher training in India program is usually taken up as the next step in yoga proficiency by those individuals who already have done the mandatory  200-hour yoga teacher training course but are looking to further deepen their knowledge of yoga asanas and techniques. Besides, the 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kerala also delves deeply into the philosophical perspective of yoga that further helps to augment the yogic practice. This course is targeted toward intermediate and advanced-level yogis seeking spiritual growth and enhanced teaching skills.

Some of the best 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kerala programs such as the training imparted at Yoga Vidya School in Varkala, Kerala help you explore the many layers of yogic sciences. The 300-hour yoga TTC in India is an all-encompassing program that is inclusive of asana practices, breath-work or pranayama therapy, detox and other cleansing methods, yogic physiology and anatomy along with advanced meditation techniques. Honing such skills and approaches help you transition into an advanced-level yoga instructor and practitioner. The 300-hour yoga alliance teacher training in India will help you attain a perfect symphony of the body and mind. 

This advanced-level program is suitable for yoga instructors, intermediate practitioners, and yoga trainers who want to further enhance their yoga skills pertaining to advanced asanas. The 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala program empowers them with more confidence and profound knowledge for teaching with more clarity. This teacher training course includes advanced variations of yoga pertaining to Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga styles.

Eligibility for the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala


You are considered eligible for the 300-hour yoga TTC in India if you have fulfilled  the following criteria:

You have completed the mandatory 200-hour teacher training in India from a Yoga Alliance-certified school.
Want to take a step further and enhance your knowledge and skills pertaining to the free-flowing series of Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga in the pristine backdrop of the Kerala locales.
The 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kerala is an intensive and exhaustive course that requires not only dedication but some vantage pertaining to yogic skills. For instance, the capability and endurance to hold a Hatha yoga posture for a minute and more.
You should be a healthy individual having the core strength capability to perform a minimum of 20 lower body asanas, especially the double leg lifts on a daily basis. Plus, you should be able to easily manage about 20 to 30 Sun Salutations or Suryanamaskars daily.
The 300-hour yoga alliance teacher training in India tests your limits, especially pertaining to your physical body. You are eligible for the program if you have developed increased lung capacity wherein you are capable of performing breath-work or Pranayama for at least an hour.
As an advanced-level instructor, you are looking to travel the world in an endeavour to disseminate your knowledge of this ancient art form amongst people.
This program is not for the faint-hearted but for those serious yogis looking to completely disconnect from the humdrum of the outside world and reconnect more deeply with your body, mind and soul.
Want to experience that elusive inner peace and therein become a torchbearer helping others find their sense of being.
Aim at transcending into mindful living and become a person who dwells in the present.

Focus subjects during 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

Yoga Vidya School’s best 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kerala focuses on the following areas:

Advanced Hatha Yoga

The program is meant to entail physical and mental acuity to perform advanced-level asanas of Hatha yoga. These include inversion and standing yoga poses. The program is intended to build resilience and strength to perform the advanced level Hatha yoga asanas with elan.

Advanced Ashtanga Yoga

Build stamina and core strength to perform the intensive exercises of Suryanamaskars or Sun Salutations along with the advanced series of Ashtanga Yoga sequences. Also, the program emphasises developing your own sequence for the purpose of conducting your own classes. Besides, your practice should be elevated to such levels wherein you are able to cater to the individualised needs of your students.

Yoga Philosophy, Ethics II and Lifestyle

The 300-hour yoga TTC in India encapsulates the eight pillars of yoga into intense applications. Furthermore, the program endeavours to incorporate the principles of yoga into your daily life for becoming a true yogi.

Pranayama II: Expansion & Purification of Life Force

 Pranayama is the vital energy force that not only energises your being but also has a healing propensity. This course program focuses on advanced breath work that builds on your lung capacity. Besides, the program also aims to develop your physical and mental capability to complement these pranayama techniques to yoga asanas with certain discipline and ease. The breath work also includes cleansing the Nadis or the energy channels by performing more advanced Shat Kriyas.

 Meditation: Dhyana and Mindfulness Part II

Meditation is an important aspect of this 300-hour yoga alliance teacher training in India

The program teaches you advanced age-old meditation methods that ensure complete oneness of your mind, body and spirit. You will eventually learn to focus and go into a deep meditative state wherein all the external distractions will diminish. You will achieve a blissful state of mindfulness focussing on positive thoughts and negating any precursors of stress.

 Anatomy and Physiology (Human and Energy) II

For an effective yoga practice, one also needs to understand the inner workings of the body. The 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala has modules dedicated to diving deeper into the physiological and anatomical aspects of yoga. These subjects will cover the movement of each muscle in the body and how when moved in a particular way along with rhythmic breathing can elucidate positive outcomes. This subject focuses on pranic physiology and how it can be applied to healing the body and the mind.

Yoga Methodology and Teaching Techniques II 

The 300-hour yoga alliance teacher training in India is finally all about conducting advanced yoga classes with precision and confidence. This program empowers you with skills and knowledge wherein you are able to decipher the needs of each and every student in your class and help them achieve appropriate alignment and adjustment in asana practice. Become more equipped to disseminate the theory as well as practical aspects of yogic knowledge to the students so that they can achieve their individual goals. 

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala schedule

Some of the best 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kerala such as Yoga Vidya School in Varkala, Kerala follow a preconceived schedule for delivering the program. Spread across a period of four weeks, the program schedule is as discussed below.

Week 1

Hatha Yoga classes

Include the history of this style of yoga along with the foundational practice of asanas. Besides, the focus is also on understanding the upper body for asana practice and strengthening the asana series. Lastly, the asana philosophy and its many purposes are discussed in the classes.

Pranayama module

Includes the practice of Pranic Body Purification along with the concept of Pranamaya Kosha and its functionality. Furthermore, the module also includes purification methods and tranquilising practices. Besides, the concept of Dasham Vayu is explained along with its functionality.

 Philosophy classes

This class will throw light on the famed Yoga sutras of Sage Patanjali and will cover its history. Besides, there is a brief discussion on Samadhi Pada. Furthermore, Klesha and its various repercussions on the mind are discussed. Lastly, a perspective is given pertaining to the quality of yoga practitioners and how these individual nuanced qualities affect the overall yoga practice.

 Shatkarma and meditation 

The Shatkarma modules will include the application of Jal Neti, Rabar Neti and Sutra Neti. In meditation, the traditional meditative posture is discussed along with concentration methods. Lastly, Yoga Nidra pertaining to the first and second levels is discussed.

Alignment and adjustment and Ashtanga Vinyasa practice

The course includes alignment of the entire Ashtanga Primary Series besides its complete practice. A lead on the Mysore style is discussed.

 Week 2

Hatha Yoga

Includes perfecting Suryanamaskars and moon salutations. Besides, hip opening sequences and joint movements are delved into in detail. Also, the class discusses the central body vis-a-vis its upper body and lower body linkages.

Pranayama and Shatkarma

The classes preside over the prana awakening practice and the Apana work. Besides concepts of Mooladhara, 10 Vayu and the 16 foundations of the body are discussed. Lastly, the connection between the right and left nostril to balance the right and left brain are elucidated. The Kapalbhati pranayam and its various types - Sheet Kram, Vyutkram and Vaat Kram are explained and practised.

Alignment and Adjustment & Ashtanga Vinyasa 

The classes teach the six steps of performing asanas. Besides, the philosophy and purpose of asana are discussed through the ancient Hindu scriptures. Besides, students are expected to gain a deep understanding and perform at least 4 side-bending asanas.

Mantra yoga and Meditation

Various mantra chanting such as chanting mantras from Bhagavad Gita, and Patanjali Sutras are taught. Besides, mantras for memory are also presided over.

Week 3

Hatha Yoga

These classes include backward bending practice along with traditional Hatha Pradipika And Gherand Samhita asana practices. Besides, at this stage, the pupils are encouraged to make their own sequences.

 Ashtanga Vinyasa 

The classes delve upon the second series practice along with a lead on the Mysore Style. There is the practice of the Drishti and mind control during practice. Besides, handstand practice and jump forward and jump back techniques are taught. Lastly, your floating ability while the asana practice is enhanced. 


At this stage, the pranayama classes cover the understanding of the storage of Prana. Besides, one delves into the various Nadis and their pathways. Lastly, an intense pranayama sequence entailing prana storage is taught.

Meditation and Mantra chanting

This includes visualisation practice and manifestation powers. Sound meditation and sound healing are taught at this stage. Furthermore, the traditional Bihar School Of Yoga method of Pratyahara is taught. The meditations of Ajapa Japa and Kaya Sthairyam are explained. Lastly, Naada Yoga, Bhagavad Gita Chanting and Prana Ji of Sutra chanting are delved upon.

History of yoga and philosophy

Origins of Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga are deciphered. Furthermore, Tantra yoga is introduced vis-a-vis Hatha Yoga. The evolution of yoga practice in India and its Westwards journey is discussed in classes. The philosophy classes throw light on Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Bhagavad Gita. Besides, there are discussions pertaining to how our mind functions in the conscious state, in the sub-conscious state and when it's unconscious.

Week 4

Teaching Methodology II

Practice and perfect the art of yoga by becoming an ace yoga teacher under the tutelage of expert yoga masters such as Yoga Vidya School’s founder, Acharya Prashant Jakhola along with his expert team members that include Swami Atmattatwananda Saraswati, Acharya Pratap, Ksenia Rasapriya Bodhi Ji and other teachers. Hone your teaching skills and develop a keen eye to gauge and assess each student for the purpose of customization of each posture and therein for the overall benefit of the class at large.

Why Join the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Kerala, India?

The 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kerala is a life-transforming program that has many positive outcomes

As a student of this program, you stand to gain more deeper and advanced knowledge pertaining to Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga styles both in theory and practice.
Some of the best 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kerala such as the Yoga Vidya School in Varkala, Kerala offer Yoga Alliance-certified 300-hour yoga TTC programs wherein upon completion, you can register yourself as an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). As an RYT of the 300-hour yoga TTC, you will be able to teach yoga professionally to students across the globe.
This course makes you more aware and observant about others and your surroundings. Furthermore, you are more in sync with your being and acquire a perfect balance between your physical and mental realms.
The course is such that it helps you achieve a blissful state of mindfulness wherein you develop self-love and empathy for others.
You gain the strength and knowledge to safely perform more advanced and rigorous asanas along with breath-work (Pranayama) and cleansing techniques of Shat Kriyas.
Become adept and empowered both physically and mentally to preside over advanced yoga classes.
The course is deep enough wherein you can develop your own sequences that will help your students achieve their desired goals. This can be done through a more customised and layered approach while conducting yoga classes.
The course includes an in-depth study of ancient yogic texts that will help you gain a greater understanding of yoga philosophy and its principles.
You will get accustomed to living a yogic way of life that includes alterations to diet and lifestyle besides leading a disciplined lifestyle.
Practising yoga in the magnificent locales of Kerala can further add to the holistic experience of this ancient art form.

The 300-hour yoga TTC in Kerala is an intense and all-encompassing program that not only empowers you to teach advanced yoga on a global level but also begets your transformative journey in the physical, mental and spiritual realms.

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