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Travel to the land of glistening backwaters, the abode of nature's healing legacy, a place blessed with beauty that is akin to heaven, and the land of exotic fauna, Yoga Vidya School welcomes you to an extensive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, India. Travel into a world where time stands still with nature's bounty expressed through its picturesque and exceptionally clean beaches, lush rainforests, and hospitality expressed in its vibrant culture and ancient wisdom that thrives even after all these millennia. You are invited to experience and witness the positive transformation of the mind, body, and spirit through authentic teachings and practices of the Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga forms under the guidance of India's noted yoga masters. Redesign your diet and lifestyle that is aligned with the principles of Ayurveda and transition towards a more balanced body and mind. Be on your way to a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and a yogi of finesse imbibed from theoretical teachings from the sacred books of yoga and Vedas with Yoga Vidya School's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala.

Why Study 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Vidya School in India?

Brace yourself to take the first step into the world of serious yogic practices in the lap of Kerala, the motherland of Ayurveda. Yoga is a state where everything falls in a perfect balance and Yoga Vidya School's 200 Hour Yoga TTC is designed to help you reach that state in the mind, body, and spirit. Become a yoga master who performs authentic yoga asanas and knows how to perfect each asana through the correct application of adjustment and alignment techniques, meditation, pranayama therapy, and of course, the philosophy of Yoga.

Learn and adapt to the yogic route of living where yoga is more than just in the classes or the ambiance, it thrives in every air droplet of the school. This is where you reach a place where your body and mind are in perfect sync to perform advanced yoga asanas and more rigorous meditation practices. Reach a place where you feel so balanced that any external disturbance or stress won't be able to affect you or trigger. Prepare for a majestic sojourn of positivity and self-love with 200 Hour Yoga TTC at Yoga Vidya School.


You Are Eligible for a 200 Hour Yoga TTC in Kerala India If You.....

  • Want to immerse in traditional yogic experiences in the heavenly settings of Kerala.
  • Want to travel across the globe as a serious yoga teacher of authentic knowledge and help others heal from within.
  • Want to break free from the shackles of day-to-day life into something more positive and invigorating.
  • Wish to find the true self and be on the road towards the inner light.
  • Seriously aspire to adopt a more humble and pure lifestyle.
  • Want to help the community and others find inner peace and good health through the practice of yoga.
  • Wish to gain equilibrium in the body and spirit and become more equipped to face day-to-day challenges at work and otherwise.
  • Aspire to be more mindful of your surroundings to engage well in the present rather than traverse into the past or the stress of the future.
  • Want to prepare your body and mind to take up more advanced teachings and practices of the yogic science.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Outcomes

  • Acquire hand-on experience and imbibe the teachings of the most traditional forms of yoga - the Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

  • Gain the skills and recognition to teach authentic yoga across the globe as a certified yoga instructor.

  • Transition into someone who observes more and reacts less.

  • Traverse towards mindfulness and self-love.

  • Acquire the ability to use the breath to perform deep meditation and correct yoga asanas.

  • Gain the confidence and strength to perform more advanced courses of yoga - the 300 Hour, and the 500 Hour Yoga TTC.

  • Imbibe yogic teachings with references from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the sacred book of Bhagavad Gita, and many more.

  • Gain the ability to safely perform correct yoga asanas through rigorous application of yogic anatomy to avoid sustaining any injury.

  • Undergo the yogic cleansing techniques (the nadi cleaning through various shat kriyas) and prepare your body for deeper immersion into yoga.

  • Gain the confidence to conduct successful yoga classes.

  • Become more capable of managing the emotional outbursts and foster much healthier relationships

  • Acquire the understanding of pronouncing the traditional sanskrit names of the asanas in addition to mantra chanting.

  • Get more equipped to the yogic way of life in terms of health and making dietary choices and feel inspired to continue it even after the program completion.

  • Learn the significance of a yogic lifestyle as mentioned in the Vedanta Philosophy.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Curriculum

  • Hatha Yoga (Asana and philosophy)
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa (Complete Primary Series, lead in Mysore Style)
  • Pranayama and breath (Practice and Theory)
  • Yogic Anatomy and Physiology (based on Yogic Point of View)
  • Asana Alignment and Adjustments (Nectar of the asana)
  • Yoga Darshan (Philosophy)
  • Mantra Yoga (Yogic Mantras- Meaning and Purpose)
  • Dhyana (Meditation- Practice and Theory)
  • Pratyahara - Yoga Nidra (Practice and Theory)
  • Shatkarma (Yogic Cleansing Theory and Practice- Neti, Tratak, Kapalbhati)
  • History of Yoga (Ancient Purpose of Yogic Practices)
  • Yogic Lifestyle (Yoga as a life)
  • Sanskrit (Language of Yoga and Vedic scriptures)
  • Teaching Methodology (Core of Yoga Teacher Training Course)
  • Ayurveda (Food and Natural)

Major Subjects Undertaken During Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is the most traditional and oldest form of yoga that has stemmed into the various styles of yoga from semi-contemporary to contemporary. You will learn the most authentic style of Hatha Yoga with references from Sivananda Yoga at the Yoga Vidya School during which we focus on cleansing the Sun (Ha) and the Moon (Tha) nadi to facilitate the flow of energy that connects the body with its inner being. During Hatha Yoga, we take you through the foundation series with a focus on sitting, standing, and supine positions with the aim to build force and agility in the body and breath.

Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha is the force and stability while Ashtanga is the speed and fluidity. Both yoga styles are taught parallely to develop the physical and mental agility and spirit. During the Ashtanga yoga sessions, we will take you through practical implications of the standing sequence, the sitting asanas, and the inversion techniques as well. By the end of the course, you will gain expertise in designing foundation series of your own along with performing the Surya Namaskar series with perfection.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics
Acquire the yogic way of life through a deeper understanding of the eight pillars of yoga as mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Learn about what to do, what not to do along with the teaching of dharma and karma and understanding what yoga service is and how you can help the community by the way of yoga.

Pranayama: Purification and Expansion of Life Force
Acquire the strength and focus to regulate the breath of performing meditative yoga asanas with precision and to gain different sets of benefits. Cleanse the nadis (energy channels) through traditional shat kriyas such as nadi-sodhana, kapalbhati, baramari, sheetkari, and bhastrika. Learn how to cope with stress and manage the anger without getting affected by it.

Meditation: Dhyana and Mindfulness
Yoga Therapy is incomplete with meditation. Delve into the layers of your soul and gain the mental, physical equilibrium to manage any negativity or stresses with ease and confidence. Acquire the poise and focus of a true yogi through the correct application of traditional meditation techniques such as Ajapa Japa, Tratka, Chidakasha, and more.

Anatomy and Physiology (Human and Energy)
During the anatomy sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of the asanas and its limitations with respect to an individual’s body. You will study in detail about the movement of muscles, joints, and bones along with the pranic physiology (the breath work)

Yoga Methodology and Teaching Techniques
Yoga teaching methodology is a skill set that is refined during a yoga teacher training program so that you are able to pass on the yogic teachings to help others perform yoga in a safe manner while reaping the desired outcomes from it.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala Program Schedule

Week I

The first week opens the gateway to immersions into the world of traditional Hatha Yoga with asana practices focused on preparing the body to perform the foundational yoga poses while working on the body’s agility, and strength. The classes would be conducted with references from the sacred Bhagavad Gita and the Vedanta Philosophy. During this week, you will perform Surya Namaskar during which we pay homage to
the Sun, a crucial series of Hatha Yoga.

While Hatha Yoga classes focus on balancing the Sun and Moon energies and gaining flexibility and strength, the Ashtanga Yoga classes will take you through the Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy) with the standing asanas.

The Pranayama and Meditation classes are taken parallely to help regulate the breath so the body and mind can sync with the inner being to perform advanced poses as well as to get into the state of deep meditation.

Week II

From here, your journey of becoming a serious Yoga teacher commences. During the second week, we work on gaining better command over regulating your breath and syncing it with Hatha and Ashtanga poses. With regular practice, you will reach the state of ultimate stability, also known as the sthira-sukham asanam during which your body falls in perfect rhythm with its breath and movement. We gradually take you through more variation of the Ashtanga Yoga poses.

We take you through the application and purpose of Yogic Anatomy to perform Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga safely and without any injury.

During the Yogic Philosophy classes, we will continue to explore the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali along with exploring the eight limbs of Yoga - the yamas, the niyamas, the asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and finally the samadhi.

Week III

You will perform a deeper cleansing of the nadi (the energy channels) through Shat Kriyas. These kriyas prepare the body and mind to acquire the essence of yoga in its true form and be able to perform advanced yoga practices. We will proceed to advanced practices of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga as you gain more confidence and precision in your asana practices.

You will reconnect with your inner being through deeper meditation techniques such as Taratak, Ajanta Japa, and more. These techniques put your body and spirit into the state of spiritual rejuvenation.

Week IV

This week is all about tracing the gaps that might exist between you and the transition of your being into a serious yogi. You have gained expertise of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, along with Yogic Anatomy and Adjustment and Alignment techniques to perform variation in the asanas for gaining specific benefits. You will realize that you have become more mindful of yourself and your surroundings which help you reach the state of yoga.

You will perform advanced cleansing techniques such as Douti, Booli and Neti for a complete rebirth of the body. Parallely, we will walk through the last chapter of the Yoga Philosophy and also work on teaching methodology to help build further confidence in you to conduct yoga classes of your own while you will also be able to design your own Ashtanga sequences.

Daily Schedule

           Time                                              Activity

06:00 AM                                   : Tea Time
06:30 AM - 08:00 AM         : Asana
08:00 AM - 08:45 AM         : Pranayama
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM         : Breakfast
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM         : Mantra / Alignment & Adjustment
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM         : Yoga Philosophy
12:00 PM - 03:00 PM         : Lunch & Rest
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM         : Anatomy / Teaching Methodology
04:15 PM - 05:45 PM         : Asana Practice With Alignment
06:00 PM - 07:00 PM         : Meditation
07:30 P.M.                                 : Dinner

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Fees

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  • Great View
  • Air Conditioned
  • Wifi Facility
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During this training, get guided by team of subject matter experts that live their yoga and have created inspiring teaching careers.
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