Breath Detox Course Online

Breath Detox Course Online

This is 7 days breath detox practice:Where you will get the 7 recorded videos, each day. Each video practice will be preparation for the next day.

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Breath Detox Course Online

breath detox           breath detox

It is very necessary to have Satvik Intelligence in the practice of Pranayama, because the practice of Pranayama is incomplete without a satvik mind.



What is Satvik Intelligence ?

When you are together in function with body and mind at the time of practice and you are focused and aware on each actions of the practice (physically and mentally), that particular time your intelligence is Satvik and -

‘This is the time of Renaissance’

 breath detox


Meet Prashant Ji- Inspiring Pranayama and Yoga Teacher in India

Namaste, I am Prashant Jakhmola – author of the course ‘BREATH DETOX.’ Over the past four years, more than thousands of people have already joined  this  exclusive breathe work course. And I am glad that they not only learnt to correct the flow of the breath but also felt amazing results after cleansing of lungs  and complete respiratory system.

How to improve functioning of healthy Respiratory System.

I believe this is perhaps the most authentic and popular breath course so far which is not only the best, but completely FREE !

breath detox


What Will You Learn in Breath Detox Online Course ?

1. In this Yogic Breathing course, you will learn to breathe correctly and effectively, by the correction of Five Vayu (five functions of Prana) which reside in the          human body and controls the Physical and Mental function.

2. You will learn to make breathing practice as regular routine.

For almost a year I have painstakingly worked on creating this course. I have closely researched, refined and experimented on me and many live students. 

I feel great pleasure by offering this course to you !

Let’s be clear and agree here on some points.....

This course is Free Online Breathing Course, I don’t charge anything for this training programs, but in return I expect or demand something from you.

‘Your precious time and attention/focus’.


5 Reasons Which Make Breathwork Workshop Unique

This breathing course has become one of the most popular Online Courses related to Health and Wellness because of the below reasons:

1. Only Relevant Content and Practice (Not Overloaded) - This course is easy to start and finish the practice without consuming much time without any extra content. I have noticed many people give up in certain online yoga or health courses because they are overloaded with theoretical and practical content, which make the practitioner tired and bored.

2. Nirantar Abhyasa (Constant Practice) - It is pure practical course from the very beginning without any bulky theory or reading material, designed for continuous practice.

3. Easy and Effective - An ideal course for new practitioners. Simple practices of breathing techniques that has been scientifically proven to be very effective.

4. Convenient - Supported with all types of devices, this course is secular and not associated with any religion. You don’t have to do any ritual or chanting mantra to practice the techniques mentioned in the course.

5. Result Oriented - In seven sessions (with theory + practice, not more than 30 minutes a day), You will really learn to cleanse and regulate the breath which will lead your mind for meditation and this practice will stay with you for whole life.


How This Online Breath Work Course Works:

Once you subscribe for this course, you will get free access to all seven lessons of the breath detox course- for a period of two weeks. Two weeks are more than enough to complete entire BREATH DETOX course, as there are only seven practical videos. I believe that you are ready to invest your time for your development. 

1. There are seven lessons in this course. Each lesson will not take more than 30 minutes (10 to 15 minute theory and remaining as practical).

2. After each lesson you need to submit the diary (Experience and the Challenges)

3. Your homework throughout the day (which is given during the course).

This is the only way you can get benefits from this course if you invest your time and respect. 
My intention is to introduce you a beautiful and effective product for your life so you enjoy each of your day by improving health, attention, concentration, energy level and mindfulness.

breath detox


Let’s Face The Truth

If you are here  out of curiosity, or want to check something, or want to get new techniques to teach. Then it is going to be hard for you to complete this course. 
If in the next two weeks you can not devote half an hour a day to the practice then I would request you: 

Do not Subscribe !

There will be no benefit, neither to you nor to me. 

Because you will not practice and gain nothing for yourself and I will waste my energy, time and resources with uninterested students. Please don’t be upset with my harsh words but isn’t it better to clear before you even spend a minute for something which is not meant for you.

 If you subscribe now but did not practice then in two weeks access to the classes will disappear and later you will not be able to subscribe again- So you will miss the opportunity. So signup this course only if you have time otherwise save this page for now and next time you can attend the course if you have time for practice and add something valuable in your life. 

As I can see, if you are here it means that you are much willing to attend this course which is highly Appreciated!
If you think it is now a right time when you should do something for yourself and learn something that will benefit you throughout your life and lead you to your yoga journey-

then Congratulation!

I have created this course from my experience and considering the impact of it on variety of people- from beginner students to experience practitioners, related to various fields of life.
This course is also based on my own experience which I received by teaching yoga to many people from around the world. 

I am in (Sign Up)

breath detox


BREATH DETOX : Breathing Yoga Course Online

Breath detox is a practice of (Pancha Vayu), there are five types of vayu which is also called “PANCHA PRANA” inhibiting in our body and these five types of vayu plays very important role in keeping entire body healthy and in proper functioning. These Vaayu which reside in our body is a form of Prana. Sometimes improper functioning of these Vayu causes various types of disorders in the body. This can have profound effect on the functioning of the body system. Hence proper transmission of all these Vayu is very important for the body.

Breath Detox means cleansing of the breath and if you understand this word in detail it means cleansing out the five types of different Air (Vayu) in our body and regulate them with yoga practices. 

What are these Five Vayu:

  1. Prana 
  2. Apana 

  3. Samana

  4. Udana 

  5. Vyana

You might be wondering how to clean the breath? Many of us find it strange that breath can be cleaned, because we think our breath is always correct and clear but if we give attention to it, you might notice, “it’s not”! 

There are some impurities in our breathe which are:

  1. Unusual rate of breath 

  2. Unusual length of breath

  3. Improper lungs function

  4. Inability to get a full body of breath

  5. Imbalanced five vayu

  6. Weak lungs capacity

  7. Inability to use breathing muscles properly

To clear all these weaknesses present in the breathing process is the sole objective of this course “BREATH DETOX” and this is the perfect preparatory practice of Pranayama as well. 
In this workshop we will learn the tools and techniques of Pancha Vayu breath.

breath detox


What You Get In Online Breath Detox Course ?


Lesson: 1

Introduction and foundational practice

In this class I will tell you some important things related to the practice which will help you to complete this course with maximum benefit.

  1. Requirement for the practice.
  2. How to find the time ?
  3. What time is best for practice ?
  4. Foundational technique of Breath Detox.

Lesson: 2

In this class you will learn the quality of breath and how to correct the quality by knowing the mistakes of breathing.

  1. Perfect Position (Asana) of the practice. 
  2. What is the breath focus ?
  3. Regulation of Prana (Practical).

Lesson: 3 

  1. Sensations during the practice.
  2. How to identify the sensations?
  3. Convert the sensations into Meditation.
  4. Methods of scanning sensation in the body during the practice.
  5. Which clothes you should wear during the practice?
  6. Regulation of Apna Vayu.

Lesson: 4 

  1. React or response to sensations.
  2. Magic of sensations during the breathing practice
  3. Regulation of Samana Vayu. 

Lesson: 5 

  1. Inner journey of breath detox
  2. Purification of Chitta (mind)
  3. Regulation of Udana vayu

Lesson: 6

  1. Common mistakes during the practice. We will analyse in detail the mistakes which hinders the progress of both beginners and experienced practitioner
  2. Regulation of Vyana Vayu

Lesson: 7 

  1. Conscious Expansion.
  2. BREATH DETOX as a routine

Bonus Lesson

  1. How you should grow further?
  2. How the practice should be?
  3. Implementation of the practice in your work.


Why You Can Trust Me and My BREATH COURSE ?

 I have learnt pranayama from many experienced pranayama teachers in India. Over the years, while working in this field, I have conducted various Pranayama sessions, Workshops and Trainings of Self Development and Pranayama, where I have taught secrets of pranayama to several thousand of people combining the depth of traditional yoga practices with accessible resources. From my years of study at the university, I have practice the deep rooted practices of pranayama, which can transform the life amazingly.

Keeping in mind the busy life of people today, I pay important attention to the art and quality of practice.

My Intention and the Mission of the school is to spread the pure Yogic and Vedanta knowledge that helps people to live more consciously and happily. If this beautiful inspiring idea resonates with you then share it with your friends and be an influencer of meaningful healthy life.

breath detox

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Acharya Prashant Jakhmola

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This is 7 days BREATH DETOX practice: where you will get the 7 recorded videos, each day. Each video practice will be preparation for another day.

You will get the 7 recorded videos in week (one video each day). Each video practice will prepare you for the next day.

You'll only need to take half an hour each day, because with only half hour of "BREATH DETOX" exercise you can prepare your whole body for the rest of the day. Because it will radiate the energy in your body in half an hour, such as if you pore the water to your head, it gets water to every single point in the whole body.

In this breathing exercise, you'll realize that your whole body is filled with energy and a new freshness, which can have a profound effect on your mind and keep your mind calm and focused in one direction. So that you can reach any goal that you create directly

The right time to do this exercise is early in the morning, as the entire environment is pure and full of positive energy in the morning, and if you do this exercise at this time, this positive energy will flow into your entire body, making your entire body a mass of energy, and preparing for the day. But you can also do this exercise during sunset also, when the time is not over, as nature is still at sunset and that peace of the nature rest in your body. When the breath is cleared, it is the energy that moves through your breath so that your whole body flows in the direction of peace, and at night this is the energy which motivates you during your sleep. So the mind becomes creative and focused to the goal.

1- Every days half hour

2-practice with empty bowls

3-practice in ventilated room

4-sit on cousin (if there is any sitting asana),so the hip can be higher then the knee

5-not to open the eyes during the practice, as eyes are the door of the mind. 

6- three minutes silence after finishing the BREATH DETOX practice.

By the way, you can do this exercise as much as you want, but still to make this practice as a habit- continue for 21 days. doing this exercise for at least 21 days changes and transform your body. and body is ready for the further Pranic practices.

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